A good friend of mine had eye surgery on Wednesday afternoon for a retinal detachment in the back of his left eye.

He came over afterwards and I did healing work with him. I used a combination of kinesiology, Total Body Modification, quantum healing, flower essences, Reiki, chakra repair work and acupressure.


I worked on him Wednesday evening for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Friday I worked on him again for about 1 hour.

Saturday morning I worked on him for about 20 minutes.

Other than tylenol and the eye drops given to him by his medical doctor, he has not needed to take pain killers.


A very simple technique to use is what is known in energy healing as “blue goo.” If you have pain, you (or your energy healer) can visualize natural anti-inflammatories coating the area.


“Blue goo” looks turquoise colored. You visualize this blue goo coating, infusing and covering the affected area. See it, feel it. It feels slightly sticky to me.


Energy healing work will teach you the true power of your thought.


You can use your mind for the benefit of healing others or yourself provided you learn to take responsibility for what you are thinking, visualizing and feeling.