One of the simplest natural healing remedies for pain relief is neurolymphatic massage.

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One of the simplest and most important of these pain relief techniques is neurolymphatic massage.

What is neurolymphatic massage?

Neurolymphatic massage is a simple self-massage technique that I learned years ago while I was studying Touch for Health.

I have taught this self-help technique to every kind of client you can imagine – from people with cancer on major medications to clients with back pain and fatigue, shoulder pain, knee pain, foot pain and arthritis.

This technique focuses on rubbing certain points on the body that correspond to specific muscles.

If you are toxic or your lymph system isn’t moving very well, you will feel sluggish and/or in pain.

You can print out a chart of the reflex points by visiting my site on Pinterest.

I have compiled graphics and directions on Pinterest for a wide variety of Natural Healing Remedies, so feel free to joint Pinterest and follow my boards.

The directions for Neurolymphatic Massage are quite simple:

  1. Print out the chart.
  2. If you have a glass shower, you can tape the chart to the outside of your shower. If you have a regular shower, you can put your chart in a sheet protector or frame it and post it inside your bathroom. That way, when you are taking a bath or shower or toweling yourself off afterwards, you can be sure to massage all your reflex points.
  3. Rub each reflex point vigorously.
  4. If the reflex point feels tender or painful, just keep rubbing until the pain is gone and the area no longer feels painful.
  5. When you begin rubbing your reflex points, you may need to take some time. You can repeat this many times during the day with points that especially sore.
  6. As you practice daily, you will notice the pain and tenderness going away.
  7. Be sure to breathe and relax. Make the process enjoyable. If you can’t reach all the reflex points on your back, you can ask your partner or a friend to reach them for you.

If you study the chart carefully, you will notice that each reflex point is related to a specific muscle.

As you study the body more thoroughly, you will learn that every muscle is related to a specific organ, a particular acupuncture meridian and a group of related emotions and thought processes.

For example, if your neck is sore, you will discover that your neck muscles are related to your stomach acupuncture meridian, which is all about contentment (or lack thereof) on the emotional level.

Rubbing your neurolymphatic reflex points is a simple way to get out of pain because so much pain comes from blocked energy in the body.

You can rub through the congestion, allowing for greater energy flow, and discover how you can get rid of your pain yourself without medication. You feel empowered and know that you have the ability to get out of pain anytime, anywhere.

What is healing? Healing happens when you learn how to take better care of your body. Your whole body is like a giant hologram, with each part related to another part. Learn how all of you works together and discover new ways of feeling healthy.

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