There is always more than one way to skin a cat – that is something we all learn at an early age.

For example, if you have high blood pressure, you could take prescription medications. Or you could deal with your underlying anger and anxiety, heal your kidneys (which regulate blood pressure), learn how to breathe properly and get more rest. You could also open your heart and learn how to love. You could slow down and stop pressuring yourself. And that’s just for starters.


If you take drugs and have surgery, there are always side effects and there is always a chance for complications.


In the case of blood pressure medications, for example, most are depressants to the central nervous system and can adversely affect your mood.


I am completely, 100 percent compassionate with people who have turned to drugs and surgery in the past.


Socrates said that people always choose the good.


No matter what you have tried to do improve your health in the past, no doubt you were doing the best you could with the information that you had at the time.


The benefit of working with a medical intuitive is that I do not use drugs. I do not use surgery.


There are no side effects to working with me other than substantially greater long-term health so that you are making a huge deposit towards greater longevity, more energy, beautiful skin, nails and hair, toned muscles and deep personal insight about yourself and the world around you.


One of the first things I advise all my clients to do is to look up the side effects of all their medications.


You can go to to begin that process.


The reason for this recommendation is that often the symptoms that my clients are coming to me about are a side effect of their medications. Or people are on what I call a regimen of uppers, downers and side-wayers, and nobody has stopped to ask how all that chemical soup is working together (or not).


I just recently heard several very distressing stories. One lady had so many surgeries and so many drugs, her weight ballooned to 255 lbs. Many people are overweight, but not only was she overweight, she was so weak and unhealthy she literally could not get herself out of bed. She soiled herself in the bed. Because she is too heavy to lift or even assist in walking, her family is having to send her to a nursing home. This individual is in her mid-60s. Her health has been declining for some time. At no point has anyone discussed how her lifestyle might have contributed to what was happening, or discussed what she could do to make herself better, other than to take medications, which were making her fatter and more bloated by the day.


Another person is having breast implants removed. She had chemo, radiation and a double mastectomy. Then she began to experience an infection that was not healed by medication. Her doctors prescribed seven rounds of antibiotics before advising her to have yet another surgery to remove the implants.


There are no doubt many happy endings in traditional medicine, and since my father and brother are both medical doctors, I have great respect for the tradition, the training and the experience. Doctors and R.N.s refer their patients to me, especially when the traditional regimens are either not working in the first place or have stopped working altogether.


I am Ms. Natural. I like to teach you what you can do to make yourself healthy without drugs and without needing surgery, which can be exceptionally expensive, even if you have health insurance.


One friend just had an outpatient surgery. He arrived at the hospital at 1:30 p.m., left about 5 p.m., and received a bill solely from the hospital (not counting the one from his medical doctor) for $7,000.00. He has health insurance, but will have to pay a substantial portion, since he found out after the fact that his insurance does not cover the hospital bill.


There is no doubt that natural remedies have their price tag as well, but I can guarantee that nothing would cost $7,000.00 for 3 and 1/2 hours. Not even close!


Many people are simply not aware of what they can do to make themselves feel better.


There is more and more information on the internet about natural supplements, but most people do not know how to properly administer natural supplements. A person who is 300 lbs. may need one dose, and another individual who is 120 lbs. may need an entirely other dose.


Or something may be much-discussed for a certain condition but not agree at all with a particular individual. That’s because you are biochemically unique. You have a unique body type and will need to eat for your health in ways that are specific to you.


I am thankful for my work, knowing that what I do helps people avoid surgery and stay off drugs. My long-term clients tend to be the healthiest people I know!