I have been working very hard recently to help one of my clients overcome a terrible head-to-toe skin rash.

She would break out literally head to toe, itching terribly, before we started working together.

As a result of our work together, she cleaned up her diet. In the process, she lost 18 pounds.

The aches and pains in her joints went away.

But it wasn’t until she stopped eating the homegrown tomatoes and lettuce after her family garden that her skin problems went away 100 percent.

My first clue that something was wrong with the garden was when I tested my client’s food sensitivities and she was reacting to lettuce.

I use kinesiology to test food sensitivities. Very rarely does anybody react to lettuce unless they are eating a variety that has been heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals.

My client’s family has a farm outside of Athens, Georgia. She visits every week to help run the place.

During one of our sessions, she mentioned that another family member had sprayed the weed killer Roundup around the house where she spends the night.

“Oh no,” I protested, dragging out my laptop computer to show my client the research connecting the Monsanto product  Roundup with breast cancer. “Please ask everyone to stop spraying the Roundup.”

I gave my client links to the articles so she could try to convince other family members to change their ways.

It turns out that my client’s sister died of breast cancer, her mother has been fighting breast cancer and a family friend who visits the farm at least once a week has been battling colon cancer. Another sister who visits the farm less frequently has multiple sclerosis.

A cousin who tends the garden raises lettuce, tomato, herbs and vegetables. Part of his regime includes spraying chemicals all over the homegrown produce.

Several weeks after my client and I had our conversation about Roundup, she reported to me that she had gone a week with no skin rashes.

The difference? She stopped eating the tomatoes out of the family garden.

Even though she had begged her cousin to stop with the chemicals already, he just didn’t get it and kept persisting.

My own garden is free of all chemicals, thankfully. We use organic farming methods, including using companion plants like garlic to ward off pests and predators.

What is healing? True healing includes understanding the relationship between your own mental and physical health and the well-being of your environment.

Please, if you want to be healthy, find non-toxic ways to maintain your garden.