Your personal energy is so important it’s the first thing I look at when I do a medical intuitive reading.

On a scale of 0 to 100, with 50 being average for a man or woman your age, I look at where your energy stands today.

If your energy has fallen below 50, I know you are spending your energy faster than you are building it. You may also be experiencing disease processes that sap you on every level.

If your energy falls above 50, you are doing a good job taking care of yourself. Perhaps you are exercising, eating well, thinking positive thoughts, spending time in prayer and meditation and releasing the emotions that have tormented you. 

The healthiest people I see build their chi into the high 80s. These are the people who are following their soul longing and maintain consistent self care routines that may include healthy eating, regular exercise as well as spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation.

When people are dying, their personal chi drops below 20. 

It’s as if the life is being literally sucked out of them, which it is.

And once I have figured out where your energy stands today I then go about figuring out where, how and when you are losing your energy.

As you actually sick?

Do you suffer from unresolved emotional conflicts?

Or have you simply not learned how to manage your personal chi in any conscious, intentional and helpful way?

And no matter what your age – whether you are 22 or 82 – you can maintain excellent prana by learning to manage this being called you. 

Although you are a soul who has a body, you also have an energy body that controls how great or how bad you feel. 

The paradigm you want to learn is “Happy, healthy, happy, healthy, dead.”

There is no good reason to spend prolonged periods of time feeling miserable. This life you have been given is both a gift to yourself and your own gift to the world.

To me, having good personal energy is equivalent to having a nice, fat reserve in your bank account.

When you have built your chi, you can withstand being around other people who are sick, a night without much sleep, exams at school, a prolonged lawsuit, an audit by the IRS or any of the other small or large challenges that befall.

On the other hand, when you have neglected to take care of your prana, you catch the first cold going around, you miss a good night of sleep and you can barely function and every little mishap feels like a giant boulder blocking your path.

Our society tends to reward achievement, not personal well-being, so many people are programmed to work as hard as humanly possible, chasing money, fame and other external rewards.

All this getting and spending of your personal chi may leave you depleted on every level.

That’s why I wrote my book Unlimited Energy Now. Oh, and by the way, since I wrote it for people who are exhausted, I wrote it very simply and also made an audiobook version. If you are too tired to read you can definitely listen!

Unlimited Energy Now by Catherine Carrigan

Unlimited Energy Now by Catherine Carrigan

Probably the number one complaint I hear from my new clients is fatigue.

Maintaining great energy – I feel – is the key to personal success. 

When you have excellent chi you can be a better you, you enjoy what you’re doing and it’s easy for you to create the life your soul longs for.

You do your job with ease and grace and give others the gift of being a better friend, lover, mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt and so on. 

One of the most important tools you have to maintain great energy is awareness.

If you find yourself feeling exhausted on a regular basis, ask yourself, 3 simple questions:

Energy Question One: “What depletes me?”

Here’s what you may discover:

Not eating frequently enough

Overeating, drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs 

Not getting enough sleep

Feeling bored

Lack of personal challenges

Lack of interest in present circumstances

Arguing, fighting and extended disputes

Lack of exercise

Over exercise

Fluorescent lights 

Extended periods of sitting 

Neglecting your personal environment, living in clutter, filth or chaos

Nutritional deficiencies but also taking too many drugs and supplements

Crazy diets lacking adequate carbs, fat, protein or calories 

Negative self talk

Fake food, highly processed food

Now ask yourself:

Energy Question Two: “What builds my energy?”

Being around people you love

Time in nature

Creative endeavors such as writing, singing, playing music

Expressing what’s in your heart 

Living your dharma





Comfortable movement 


Maintaining order and cleanliness in your home and work environment

Telling yourself why you can succeed

Reminding yourself why you are alive

Finding your soul purpose

Pursuing your dreams 

Doing what actually makes you happy

Fresh food

Clean water 

Qi gong


So here’s the thing.

Energy Question Three: “What is my cantillation?”

Now you may never have heard of the word “cantillation.”

The strict definition according to Wikipedia  is “the ritual chanting of readings from the Hebrew Bible in synagogue services.”

But your cantillation – as I see it – is any activity that feeds your soul to such an extent that it lifts your entire vibration.

During my medical intuitive readings, I often look for a person’s cantillation.

Another way to think of this is personal medicine so powerful that it serves to lift you beyond your current challenges.

Here are examples of cantillation from clients I have advised over the years:

Writing poetry

Sitting in the hot tub

Walking with your dog

Having sex

Adventure travel

Singing in a choir

If you are finding yourself sick and tired, anxious, depressed or suffering from a disease process, more than likely you could do a better job of managing your personal energy.

Recently I had to attend a conference that required for me to show up dressed to the nines. I sat in a hard chair packed in with hundreds of other women and clapped politely for well over three hours.

My mother, who was with me, kept asking why I had to get up and go to the bathroom so often.

“To relieve the torture!” I thought to myself.

I didn’t want to hurt my mother’s feelings by admitting I felt bored out of my mind.

Later on I noticed I felt like my personal energy had fallen through the floor. 

Even though I had been sitting still for hours, I needed to take a nap.

“I could have spent eight hours in my garden and not felt so exhausted,” I thought to myself.

Meanwhile I notice I can be spent from a long week, show up feeling ready to fall asleep and hang out with my boyfriend and stay up late laughing and feeling amazing.

I had a similar experience when I showed up depleted at a writers conference. After writing my heart out nonstop I was surprised to discover myself renewed on all levels.

How do you find yourself unexpectedly depleted or replenished in your own life? 

Pay attention. 

Bring the light of awareness to what actually nurtures your chi.

What is healing? Healing happens when you learn what drains you, what actually replenishes you and how to maintain excellent personal chi.

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