Make A Ritual of Writing and Connecting

Many mornings, I will wake up and start writing. I lie in bed with my laptop and write about a topic that someone has asked me about recently.

This is a great way to communicate about my work as a medical intuitive. I find it very relaxing and always keeps me thinking deeply about the broader applications of my healing work.

Here’s how to make each article a social media success:

  1. Write your blog of 300 to 500 words. People are busy, so if you need to write longer you could write a series of blog articles and post them out over a period of days.
  2. When you hit publish on our WordPress account, make sure your website is connected with the Jetpack to all your social media accounts so the article gets published on all your social media. This saves you a tremendous amount of time and makes sure that everything you write gets shared with the public.
  3. Some social media don’t have a way of connecting with your Jetpack, so after you are done publishing, post your article on Pinterest. Greg Keesey, the website guru, can put a Pinterest button on your website so that all you have to do is click the Pinterest button underneath the photograph attached to your article.
  4. When you are complete publishing, then write a series of 140-character Tweets that you can post on Twitter that lead people back to your article.
  5. Go to and get a shortened URL to embed into your Tweets.
  6. When you post on Twitter, you will get more retweets if you add a photograph. I keep a lot of photos I have taken on the desktop of my computer so that when I post on Twitter, all I have to do is connect a beautiful photo to make your Tweet even more appealing.
  7. Collect the series of tweets on each blog article. If I write a single blog article, I may come up with 10 tweets that lead people back to the article and back to my website or blog. This drives traffic to my website, blog and business and increases your overall Google ranking.
  8. After I have collected a series of Tweets, I send them over to the Twitter Guru Robin Charlsen. You can hire Robin to send out tweets for you once an hour 24/7. Since hiring Robin, my Twitter account has grown from 80 followers as of Jan. 15, 2014 to about 7,895 as of Jan. 8, 2015.
  9. Several times a week, get on Pick a topic you want to be known for. In my case, I want to be known for healing, and Klout has articles on your topic that you can share with your followers on Facebook and Twitter. You can also connect to other people who are in the same field through the suggested connections on Klout. Even if you don’t have time to write your own material, Klout will have articles on your topic to share with your audience.
  10. Several times a week, go to You can sign up for this dashboard through my contact Jared Doles, (480) 878-5947, Social Ally allows you to connect all your social media accounts in one place, with the exception of Instagram and Goodreads. Reply to everybody who has responded to you. Thank people for retweets.
  11. After you have written a new blog article and written a series of tweets, you can also schedule these posts to go out to your social media through Social Ally. You can schedule posts to go out as often as you like and also read reports about which posts people respond to the best. Sometimes I am surprised by which articles people respond to the most. Social Ally shows you your most retweeted posts and also lets you know the times of day people are most likely to respond to you so that you can connect with them at that time.
  12. On an ongoing basis, take photos with your iPhone or smart phone. If you don’t have orchids or an organic garden like I do, visit your botanical garden or some other place where you can take photos that best reflect your writing and your business.
  13. Make short videos of 1 to 3 minutes to post onto Get a friend to film you talking about your latest book. You can upload the video directly from your iPhone to Youtube. Then take a screen shot – a photo of the video – and use that photo on your blog or website. Write a blog about the video, and blast the article about the video around your social media. I put a 1 minute video about my new book, Unlimited Energy Now, on my Goodreads account.
  14. Goodreads is the largest social media website for readers and authors. As an author, you are entitled to set up a FREE authors account. Once you have set up your Goodreads account, schedule a giveaway of your new book. There were 560 people who entered my first giveaway on Goodreads for What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness. That means 560 new people heard about my book. Once I set up the giveaway, I sent messages to each person who entered and asked them to be my friend on Goodreads. Some of those people became my fans. I figured it cost me $100 to give away 10 books, counting the cost of the book as well as the postage to send out books to the U.S. This is a small amount of money to get great advertising to people who actually read books.
  15. Retweet new Twitter followers. I think one of the reasons that I have been so successful with Twitter is that when someone follows me on Twitter, I usually go to their feed, read their Tweets and retweet some of the tweets I like. Of course, if I don’t like what I read – such as if they are pornographic or offensive – I unfollow them. I also read my Twitter feed periodically and retweet positive messages I agree with. I support people who have retweeted my messages.
  16. On Facebook, a simple practice is to wish your friends happy birthday. I send out a picture of a flower when I send birthday wishes. This usually leads to a conversation – even a short one – where I can interact with my friends.
  17. In summary, once you build your social media network, you actually want to interact with people because that’s how you build your audience, you increase your Klout number, you find more readers, customers and people who want to help you share your message. They say that people will come originally for your content but stay long-term because of the community.



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