When I was studying medical intuition, one of the most important techniques I learned was Source Connection.

In order to access the most accurate information, we paradoxically have to set our ego mind out of the way.

The rule is “Show up and get out of your own way.”

Why is this so important?

Our ego mind thinks we know what we know.

For example, I have 26 years full time experience and training in natural healing. I have studied so much information, learned from so many teachers all over the world and practiced with clients both in person and remotely in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

But no matter how much I have studied or practiced, there is a limit to what I can personally know.

My ego is finite.

On the other hand, when we set our intention to connect every aspect of ourselves to the divine, we can allow God to guide us on every level.

We can become a channel and allow ourselves to be divinely led.

It takes great humility to recognize the absolute truth, “I don’t know anything.”

Even the highly trained mind can interfere with divine guidance.


Wanting to be right.

Wanting to fix things.

Having a bad day.

Even being exhausted – all these aspects of the ego can throw shade on truth.

In adopting a humble and actually prayerful approach to my work and my life itself, I can allow myself to be guided to what is best for myself and for my clients, to be able to communicate that information in such a way that is hopefully helpful and useful.

When you connect every part of yourself to God you can know whatever it is you need to know.

And before I explain Source Connection to you I have to add that I begin every day with prayer, breathwork and meditation.

My inner habit of prayer continues all day long.

I say so many prayers to myself throughout any given day I couldn’t even tell you how many I actually say.

It’s simply part of the job, part of the attitude, part of how I do what I do.

Recently, someone gave me what I considered the worst possible insult. She told me she thought I wasn’t a “traditional Christian.”

I go to church. I pray all day long. I have written books full of prayers.

Her comment hurt. I felt she didn’t see who I am, how I approach my life and work or what I’m all about.

Just as a surgeon has a scalpel and a violinist has a violin and a bow, we all have tools to empower us to do what we do.

Let me now teach you Source Connection.

Source Connection

Source Connection

First of all, let’s discuss some general understanding.

For this purpose, your spine is a metaphor for your channel to divine intelligence.

Here’s how to do this technique if you do not know how to muscle test yourself.

  1. Set your intention to connect every aspect of yourself to God.
  2. Run your finger across the words from left to right. For example, on the first line, run your finger from God to your Higher Source.
  3. With the palm of your dominant hand, send a burst of energy to the area around L1.
  4. Then pull the energy all the way down the spine and release the energy out into the universe. You are setting your intention to release any interference on any level.
  5. Now run your finger from right to left. On the first line, run your finger backwards from your Higher Source to God.
  6. Send the burst of energy, clear the energy through the spine and release any interference out into the universe.
  7. Continue going from left to right and then right to left all the way down the list. This should only take you about a minute or two.

If you know kinesiology and are familiar with how to muscle test yourself, you can test each of these connections and only send the burst of energy where you find a disconnect.

I have had Source Connection as a FREE Download at www.unlimitedenergynow.com for many years at this link..

I was explaining how to do Source Connection to my client “Jules” Giuliano Utichi in Sydney, Australia, this week, and Jules very kindly made this new and improved graphic so I thought I would share it with everyone.

My previous directions weren’t exactly clear so Jules made a better version including a picture of a spine so you can print this out and use it for yourself.

Many thanks to Jules Utichi for his time, expertise and kindness!

For the purposes of this exercise, your Higher Source is your Higher Self.

I recommend you start practicing the Source Connection if you are wanting to improve your ability to receive information from the divine.

Years ago, one of my clients suffered a miscarriage.

She told me she cried like an animal for two days.

I taught her Source Connection and she was able to restore her inner peace in a remarkably short period of time.

Whether you are wanting to improve your ability to receive guidance for your soul or to know and experience that all is actually in divine order, you may find Source Connection extremely helpful.

Show up and get your ego out of the way.

When you are actually able to do that, you will experience less stress and the miracles of synchronicity.

What is healing? Healing happens when you allow yourself to be divinely guided to all that is truly helpful.

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