“…I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” The Character of Physical Law (1960).
Richard Feynman (1918-1988)
Brilliant, creative, iconic theoretical physicist, and bongo drummer
From time to time, believe it or not, I make an attempt to try to understand logically how it is that I can do what I do.
I’m talking about the medical intuitive part of my work.
I do understand that I am a medical intuitive, that I have practiced and trained for years being able to read the body on all levels. I know that I can read someone’s body and have that person go to a laboratory, which will pretty much report back the same thing that I observed. I know I went to Brown University and managed to graduate Phi Beta Kappa without pulling an all-nighter.
I understand that I am a prophetic, which means I just know stuff without having to see it, feel it, hear it. I don’t know how that works exactly, I just know that it happens.
I know that I can just focus my mind on a person, sort of like setting your old timey radio set to a certain station, and away we go.
I think I understand how my gifts work – at least I spend a lot of time practicing them, spend time listening to my angels and asking for guidance and paying attention.
In recent years, I have taken a small quantum physics course at Emory University’s Lifelong Learning Center not once but twice.
This was a class for retired people.
I figured it would be a good overview of the current understanding of quantum physics.
The first year was terrific. I arrived every week with a notebook in hand and wrote furiously, thinking things over every week before the next dose of information. The retired professor who taught the class patiently explained the developments in quantum physics from about 1900 to the present.
The second year I took the course, I brought my laptop, expecting to be fed at a very high level, but everything had changed. Instead of teaching about quantum physics, the professor taught about the scientists themselves. It was really a biography course with a few sentences thrown in about theory because apparently nobody had understood the previous course about how it all worked so the consensus was to try to understand the people rather than their theories.
I really didn’t care who was a Nazi sympathizer, whose children died when or how many times any of them were married.
I still wanted to wrap my head around the whole quantum physics thing.
For example, science tells us that the mere act of observation changes what is being observed and that our reality is something that we actually make up as we go along. Apparently there is no out there out there. And what my mother said is impartial truth – that you have to write thank you notes within a certain time frame,  for example – is a projection of her own mind rather than undisputed truth.
I have often felt that coaching is almost an alchemical art, where some mysterious mixture of my energy gets combined with my clients and voila, all of a sudden everybody is smarter, thinner, happier, less stressed, out of pain and suddenly healthy.
I have even studied a kind of healing (I have learned so many different techniques I could not honestly even estimate how many I know or even practice) called quantum healing. This is a technique that I frequently use when I am working with clients long distance, which is quite often these days.
So I still want to understand from a scientific point of view how I do what I do.
And I have to be honest with you, I am still scratching my head.
I know that if I put Biodetox and coconut milk in my blender, that when I pour the stuff in my glass a few hours later there will be less inflammation in my body, my liver will work better and I will feel better overall.
I know that if I flip the light switch in my studio that the lights will turn on and off.
And I know that if I lie in my hammock with my laptop long enough, sooner or later I will think of something I would like to blog about and the words will start pouring out of my brain into my WordPress account.
If I start trying to explain the chain of events that leads to the magic happening at the end of the equation, sooner or later I promise I will lose track of how it all coagulates, even though I know for certain that the outcomes are almost always reliably predictable.
Nevertheless, even though I continue to be flummoxed by physics, I give myself lots of credit for continuing to try.
Recently, a friend recommended a website that I have been bravely confusing myself with.
The website is put together by Stanley Sobotka, a professor emeritus of physics at the University of Virginia. Dr. Sobotka taught courses on consciousness and physics for years at U.Va.
Even though Dr. Sobotka is also flummoxed by physics, obviously he is less baffled than me.
In addition to teaching physics, he also taught about nonduality, or Advaita, making a brave attempt to connect recent scientific understanding with a mystical consciousness of the oneness of the universe.
If you, like me, are still baffled how the universe works, you may do well to waste more time perplexing yourself with Dr. Sobotka’s information.
I would start with his slide show, “A Course in Consciousness.”
Good luck, and if you figure it out, please give me a ring and give me the five-minute executive summary.