Unlimited Intuition Now

Unlimited Intuition Now

Many thanks for making Unlimited Intuition Now my fourth Amazon No. 1 best seller.

My fifth book overall, Unlimited Intuition Now, went to No. 1 Friday in the category “Inner Child Self Help.” On Saturday, it hit No. 1 in the Kindle store under “Spirituality Gifts.”

Unlimited Intuition Now No. 1 in the Kindle Store

Unlimited Intuition Now No. 1 in the Kindle Store

This book summarizes how I receive information as a medical intuitive healer and teaches you how to develop your own psychic gifts to the best of your personal ability.

I feel very grateful to have a great team helping me with my books as I could not do it without them:

  • Tony Kessler, editor
  • Tom Bird, writing coach
  • Ramajon Cogan, cover design and layout
  • Denise Cassino, Amazon marketing
  • Robin Charlsen, Twitter guru
  • Steve Piper, audiobook producer
  • Holly Parsons, audiobook reader
  • Greg Keesey, website manager
  • Ken Rubin, who edited my photographs for the book cover
  • Scott D. Smith, search engine optimization expert
  • Belle, puppy extraordinare, chief psychologist, spell checker and person in charge of snacks and breaks
  • My friend and personal hero Maxine Taylor, who has written not just one but seven Amazon No. 1 best sellers. Maxine inspires me to write my heart out! She has given me the greatest role model of what it means to be a successful author in 2016 – kind, generous and positively focused on serving for the greatest good of all.

I started writing Unlimited Intuition Now in the summer of 2015 and concluded the writing in December.

A friend and I went to lunch recently and he asked me if I needed to do any research to write this book.

“No,” I said, “This is all stuff I just know.”

This is a subject near and dear to my heart because I believe it’s vitally important that we all learn how to receive messages at the soul level.

No matter how smart we are, how educated we have become on any given subject, how much research we do or how many opinions we ask of others, there is simply a limit to what our ego minds can know.

Read Unlimited Intuition Now to develop your own psychic abilities so that you can receive guidance. How you will benefit:

  • Pray to open your soul guidance
  • Learn how to read the energy in your chakras with a pendulum
  • Tune in to read your own body
  • Discover how to read the body of another person
  • Discern how much life force is in your food
  • Focus to tell if food is really good for your body
  • Practice how to muscle test yourself
  • Raise your vibration to listen to your angels
  • Get your ego out of the way so you can listen to divine guidance
  • Stay connected with loved ones when you are apart
  • Open your psychic centers of clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairvoyance
  • Avoid other people’s ego projections to see what’s really going on
  • Protect your energy so you feel safe and grounded at all times and in all places
  • Stay out of trouble in dangerous situations
  • Understand how your different psychic gifts actually work
  • Deepen your connection to God and feel supported on all levels

Thank you for all your love support, reading of my books and listening to my audiobooks. I pray you enjoy  Unlimited Intuition Now as much as I did writing it!