When I was studying natural healing, my mentor encouraged me to develop a bigger picture of what is actually required to restore my clients to health and happiness.

You might think that natural healing is just a matter of exercise, nutrition, energy healing and/or mental, emotional and spiritual work.

One area that you might not immediately connect with your physical or mental/emotional well being is your relationship with money.

You may think that your ability to save, the salary you earn at your job or your ability to plan for your financial future has nothing to do with how healthy you are.

I’m here to tell you otherwise.

I have often noted that the people I know who live the longest, most fulfilling lives are those who took great care of both their physical and financial well being.

In my work as a medical intuitive healer, I frequently find people’s health issues all boil down to their relationship with money.

When you haven’t healed your relationship with money, you remain in survival mode, struggling to keep afloat both literally, energetically and financially, no matter how much money you actually have. 

Everybody thinks it’s just a matter of getting more – you may think that if you only earned a higher salary, had a fatter bank account or had squirreled away a bigger investment portfolio you might be able to afford to be healthy, to live the life of your dreams or give yourself permission to be happy.

But I’m here to tell you more is not usually the answer. 

Some of the sickest clients I have ever worked with were independently wealthy. 

Even though they had the bucks to live the rest of their lives without lifting a finger, they suffered from never having resolved their money issues.

Here are four archetypes that may be holding you back from getting out of survival mode, being truly healthy inside and out and earning the money you need and want:

Poor Me




Poor Me. When Poor Me runs your financial life, you find yourself a victim of everything.

Right now you might be a victim of the coronavirus pandemic, or the government, or the downturn in the economy.

You focus on everything that is going wrong and are always talking about being overwhelmed and exhausted. 

Other people get all the breaks but the best opportunities seem to pass you by.

You struggle to stay afloat and are always looking for a handout. 

You look at your bank account and see how much you think you don’t have, not how much you have. 

This is a completely unempowered place.

No matter how much money you have you think like a poor person.

Prostitute. When the Prostitute runs your financial life, you will do just about anything for money, even if it goes against your deepest values.

You may hate your job but hey, you think you’re earning the big bucks, so who cares.

The almighty dollar determines everything in your life. 

You spend time with people you don’t really like because you think they might bring you business, money or opportunities.

You will give up your health, energy, happiness, best friends and soul yearnings if it means making another dollar.

Because the Prostitute operates out of integrity, you run the risk of suffering severe comeuppance in your life as your soul attempts to get you back on course.

This could look like a heart attack, a cancer diagnosis, a job loss, bankruptcy, a divorce or another big, unpleasant and unexpected event.

Slave. Slavery may have been abolished in 1865 but it’s still alive and well in America and all over the world.

In many past lives, some of you may have lived, worked and died as a slave and are still living your financial life as a slave.

When you run your financial life from the Slave archetype, you toil for nothing, never being recognized for your hard work, brains or talent.

You may build the roads that make this country great but nobody knows your name.

You have accepted the negative. You accept that you don’t matter, that your words don’t count, that your dreams will never amount to anything.

You have resigned yourself to a life of poverty and struggle. 

Other people earn a fortune off your back. 

Because you expect to have nothing you never bother to learn how to build wealth, run your own business or do the inner work to think like a wealthy person. 

You may not enjoy being used but you don’t know any other way to be. 

Savior.  When you run your financial life from the point of view of Savior, you have a serious energy imbalance.

You secretly feel guilty about all the money you earn. 

Money slips out of your fingers practically as fast as you can earn it because in your mind money is for other people, not for you.

You may even look good giving all your money away, funding charities, sending people you’ve never met to receive the education you yourself didn’t get. 

It’s ok in your mind if you sacrifice your health, energy, mental well being, vacations or time with your family as long as you think you’re helping others.

You have a mixed-up paradigm – it’s ok for you to lose your life in pursuit of wealth as long as others allegedly more deserving than you – e.g. the poor, starving people in Africa, a noble cause you espouse – are able to get ahead.

You don’t understand that you are part of the whole, that your well-being matters as much as anybody else’s, and that it’s possible that we can all win. 

Get Out of Survival Mode By Healing Your Archetype

When you think about money are you running your financial life from your higher self or is one of these archetypes running the show?

If you recognize yourself in any of these archetypes, here’s the good news.

You can change the pattern.

Set up an appointment to receive a healing to complete the cycle of running this archetype. 

This may be a pattern you have learned from your cultural heritage, your parents, your family or through your own past lives. 

You may think the pattern started with you but it may well have started with your ancestors and you have no good mentors about how to do money any other way.

The first step is to recognize the archetype you have been playing and to stop yourself whenever you act like Poor Me, Prostitute, Slave or Savior.

Getting out of survival mode with your money may be the first step to you being able to breathe, relax and take a more reasoned approach with your money. 

To enjoy true financial freedom you first must discover it between your ears.

What is healing? Healing happens when you heal your relationship with money.

To set up an appointment for a medical intuitive reading or healing work, email catherine@catherinecarrigan.com or call 678-612-8816. If you are outside the U.S., please call via WhatsApp. I can work with you from anywhere in the world by phone, Skype or Zoom video conference.