• Victim
  • Beggar
  • Slave
  • Monk
  • Amateur
  • Glutton 

Recently I received an email from someone I have never met wanting me to give her money so she could give a Ted talk to promote her work. 

She told me she was a long-term sufferer of a chronic illness.

She had read an article I had written about a mudra for abundance from my book The Little Book of Breathwork and decided that since I had been writing about money I must be someone who hands it out for free. 

I wrote her back declining. 

Although I am a big fan of supporting the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which has experienced a 300 percent increase in demand during the pandemic and relies on solicitations to support the needy, I don’t believe begging is the best way to promote a for-profit business.

I wrote back that if she wants to attract true abundance she needed to stop coming from the Beggar and Victim archetypes.

What are archetypes?

Archetypes are unfortunate aspects of your ego self that get in the way of you expressing your true self.

What is your ego? 

Your ego is an aspect of your mind that wants to keep you safe. Its main concern is survival and all the many things you think you require to survive – money, fame, glamour chief among them.

And what is your true self?

Your true self is who you really are underneath the layers of archetypes you have plastered on top.

Your true self is strong, resilient and always connected to unconditional love, also known as God, the true source of all abundance.

In my 28 years in natural healing I have studied and mastered many modalities.

The manuals from my studies are all over my healing room.

One of the manuals I rely on most often is my manual to clear money issues. 

That’s because so many people’s health issues all boil down to their relationship with money.

Why is this the case?

When you struggle with money, some aspect of you – even if you drive up to my office in your Mercedes convertible – is in survival mode.

When you are in survival mode you live out of fight, flight or freeze, pumping out stress hormones, holding your breath, looking at the world around you as a threatening place, projecting your fear out onto everyone and everything around you.

You don’t really want to share because something inside you believes in scarcity.

You really believe there’s not enough money, clients, business or opportunities for everyone so you hang on tight to what your ego believes is “yours,” not recognizing that every material thing you have – your home, car, stuff – is just yours to enjoy for a short while until you shuffle off this mortal coil.

This firm conviction you have of scarcity translates into you struggling in what I refer to as the cult of difficult – the largest cult in the world.

You think it’s difficult to make money, to earn a living, to make ends meet. And so it is!

I will never forget years ago a client who had told me he was worth $15 million coming in one afternoon and asking if I would give him a discount on his session that day because the stock market had gone down.

It doesn’t matter how much money you think you have or don’t have. What matters most is what’s going on between your ears.

When you get your relationship with money straight you can thrive in abundance without struggling.

I should know. 

When I first started clearing my own money issues I discovered I was allergic to money (you can be allergic to anything!).

I now own my home, my car and have investments that earn more than I pay myself in my business. 

I have no debt.

I do what I love to do and am able to focus on service when I do my work because of the inner clearing I have done to get my head on straight about the true source of abundance in my life.

I have helped countless clients get out of debt by clearing their money issues. I remember one lady who paid off $75,000 in one year due to our work together, alleviating heavy fees from interest payments.

Others have earned considerable amounts due to this inner work. One client last year got a call from her broker at Morgan Stanley. “Your investments went up at a higher rate than anybody in our firm last month,” he told her. She didn’t want to tell him her secret but she told me and she and I had a great laugh about the situation.

I have given talks to inspire other entrepreneurs how to do this. You can read the article and watch the video of my talk at this link.

From my 28 years in natural healing as a medical intuitive healer here are the six archetypes I observe hurt you the most when you’re attempting to build true wealth in your life.

Victim. The trouble with coming from victim is that victims have no power. When you try to earn money as a victim, you will discover other people are always taking advantage of you. You lose money even when you think you make wise investments. Victims never get ahead because they haven’t learned how to be in their own power.

Beggar. There’s a beggar on almost every major intersection in Atlanta these days. Some hold out signs describing their plight. Most beggars try to convince you to give them money by describing their victim state. Beggars have to rely on others rather than seeing themselves as the primary earner of their income. 

Slave. It can be painful to observe people operating out of the slave archetype. Slaves work for either nothing at all or the bare minimum.  They give away their life energy to their work.You may think that just because you have a fancy corporate job with a big title that you’re not a slave. I can recall a CEO receiving a call from the chairman of his public company while he was having a session with me. He earned millions every year but was still a slave to his company . If someone else tells you how high to jump, what T shirt to wear and how late you have to work you may be a slave.

Monk. Monks think they are above it all, that they don’t need money to survive. Money is very much like food – you can only go without it for so long. You may think you can survive on sunshine and fresh air but sooner or later someone has to pay the rent, the gas bill, the food bill. Monks secretly rely on others to support them so they are apparently more spiritually-appearing beggar. 

Amateur. One highly accomplished healer worked with me recently. Although she knew she helped people get better, she wasn’t running her business like a business. She had decades of experience and no business bank account. She wondered why she wasn’t earning more money. If you want people to treat you like the pro, like the master, you need to run every aspect of your business like the pro you are. Act like a dilettante, get paid like a novice. 

Glutton. The key to financial success is to live within your means. Growing up I was inspired by stories of maids who saved $1 a week and ended up leaving $1 million to the Negro College Fund when they died. There is an absolute, do not pass go, direct connection with the way you handle food and the way you handle money. Gluttons have a short term outlook. They want immediate gratification. To build wealth you need a long-term outlook. I find that 100 percent of my clients with eating disorders also have a disordered relationship with money. Don’t eat more than you need. Don’t spend more than you have to. Those who master these simple concepts can enjoy great wealth and excellent health into their older years.

As you read over this list, you may recognize that you handle money out of one or more primary archetype.

If you recognize that you are allowing your ego archetypes to manage your money, you will not be building wealth from your true self, which is always connected to an infinite source of abundance. 

What is healing? Healing happens when you manage money from your true self, connecting to the unlimited supply and unconditional love all around you.

In my work as a medical intuitive healer, I empower clients to identify and clear the archetypes that have held you back from being happy, healthy and financially successful.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the way we work and has brought many people’s money issues to their conscious awareness. 

Do the inner work necessary to thrive in this changing environment.

If you observe the abundance of nature, the only constant is actually change.

As you align yourself with the true source of your abundance you can thrive through the changing seasons and get out of survival mode.

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