Yesterday, I had a session with a client whose husband had just experienced a major turnaround.

About a week ago, I spent about four hours doing healing work with her husband.

He had been to the doctor three to four times to try to get to the bottom of unexplained fatigue, but was still puzzled as to why he was feeling so badly and still had no relief. The doctor had put him on hormone replacement therapy but had not identified any organ failure.

I did a medical intuitive reading and discovered that his heart was severely stressed. He admitted that he already knew one of his heart valves wasn’t working properly but protested that under no circumstances did he want to undergo an operation.

Even though one of his best friends is his doctor, he did not trust doctors and he did not want to go to the hospital.

“How is your wife going to feel when she comes home and finds you lying dead of a heart attack?” I asked him.

This question brought tears to his eyes, and allowed me the opening to do another three hours of healing work.

The first thing I did was work on his will to live.

To me, having a strong will to live is crucial. If you have a strong will to live, then you will do whatever it takes to get better, even if that means taking lots of vitamins, exercising every day, getting more rest, getting the right food, giving up toxic chemicals that are poisoning your body, going to the doctor for further testing and yes, maybe even having an operation to repair a valve in your heart if it isn’t working properly.

I convinced the client to do all of this, with the exception of having the operation.

He had been abusing a toxic substance for many years, but I did not have to force him to stop using it.

Once I cleared his will to live, he brought up the subject himself. “How does this affect my heart?” he asked me.

“It’s terrible!” I replied, using kinesiology to show him exactly what it did to his heart.

“What about this alternative?” he asked me, showing me another form of toxic substance that he might use instead.

“That’s even worse,” I showed him.

I am very very good at getting people to give up all sorts of toxic substances. I have helped various clients get off alcohol, marijuana after 16 years of daily use, oxycontin, ice cream, diet coke and almost every kind of pharmaceutical drug you can think of. When it comes to legal drugs, I always insist people do so with permission of their medical doctor.

The way you do that, from my professional experience, is you give them a healthier substitute that they can turn to instead and solve the underlying issues that drove them to reach for the toxic substance in the first place.

So back to my client’s wife.

Now that her husband had experienced a major turnaround, she recognized that he needs more nurturing.

I am a 2 on the enneagram. It is my nature to be nurturing to others, whether those others be my clients, my yoga and qi gong students, the orchids in my studio or my garden.

Not all women and not all people are natural nurturers, however. My client’s wife is a very successful business woman, and the idea of taking more time to nurture her husband brought up all kinds of resistance for her. Recognizing this, she had called for her own healing to clear her resistance.

Even if you are not naturally a nurturer, you can receive major blessings from nurturing others.

“When I water my orchids, they don’t give me water back,” I explained to my client’s wife. “They give me magnificent, stupendous beauty.”

I always feel that the most selfish thing I can ever do is to be kind, loving and generous to everybody.

That is because the law of the universe is that I receive the same energy that I put out. No such thing as a vacuum exists.

When it comes to nurturing others, we have to give up any idea of quid pro quo. You will not receive precisely what you give to others, but you will receive the same frequency of energy, in the precise way that you personally need it.

What is healing? We are healed at whatever level we need it when we give unconditional love to others.