So many people want to have more of a spiritual connection to life, but what does that really mean?

How do we actually experience our soul in ordinary, day-to-day life?

Your soul is always with you, just like God is always with you.

Are you paying attention?

To me, one of the most direct doorways to our soul is through our intuition.

We see through our physical eyes, theoretically hear through our physical ears, smell through our nose and experience our loved ones through touch.

Beyond these senses are our psychic senses: prophetic knowing, psychic vision, psychic hearing and psychic feeling.

In this blog, I would like to talk to you more about what these gifts mean and how we access them.

Everybody has all four gifts. However, not everyone is fully awake and paying attention.

As we awaken our gifts, we see through the eyes of our soul, know what our soul knows, hear what our soul hears and feel what our soul feels.

The information that comes to you in this way may be in direct contradiction to the information your physical senses can access, but this may actually be the highest level of intelligence you can possibly gather.

Intuition is the doorway to the soul’s direct experience of life.