I teach many people how to access their own intuition.

This, to me, is a very important part of my work.

If I can teach you how to access your highest intelligence, you can make more conscious decisions.


Over the years, many people who have come to me asking to be trained to use their intuition have been on a wide variety of psychiatric drugs – antidepressants, ADD or ADHD medications, anti-anxiety pills, sleeping pills, etc.

It is true that many psychically sensitive and psychically gifted individuals initially turn to these drugs in order to cope.

However, if someone is using these medications, I generally recommend that we begin by healing their brain so that these drugs become no longer necessary.

I never take anybody off of psychiatric drugs. I tell them that they must do this with the permission of their medical doctor. But I do teach people step by step how to become extremely healthy.


I recommend that if you want to learn how to use your intuitive gifts, you first learn how to have a better grip on ordinary, day-to-day reality. If you are using any of these medications, that is a good sign that you are having trouble coping.


I will put it in energy terms as well.

In order to open your third eye, the sixth chakra, you must synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain.


If you are taking psychiatric drugs, that is a sign that you are under so much stress you are primarily using one side of your brain.


In addition, these and what I refer to as “stupid drugs” – marijuana, cocaine, LSD, etc. – leave energetic debris in your field, even decades after you are no longer playing with them, that will make it harder for you to expand your vision.


There are many ways to clear your field, but the first step is to set your intention to become a healthier person and do what is necessary so that you can live your life without chemical assistance.