This may sound at first like a very boring subject.

But it’s really really important.

If you would like to access your intuition, first you must be able to access neutral.

What is neutral? 
Neutral is the state of mind where you are completely open. You are not, as my dear friend and fellow yoga teacher, Jose Blanco, says, “FINE – f–up, insecure, neurotic and emotional.”

You are also not projecting what you know onto anyone or anything.

Many people spend years building up an impressive resume with multiple degrees and lots of study. They become very attached to their knowledge, their personal experience and their own personal ways of seeing.

That may be extremely valuable, but if you are going to do a medical intuitive reading, the way I explain it, you have to be able to read a person the way you read a book. You read the words on the page, NOT the words you think are on the page.

You actually look. You actually listen.


To me, this is what keeps my work fresh and exciting.

I go to work every day never really knowing ahead of time what I am going to be experiencing.

I like to keep a beginner’s mind.

Beginner’s don’t think they know it all. In fact, they feel like they don’t know anything. Coming from this place of humility, they explore everything, question everything.

A teacher of mine put it this way.

When you want to access neutral, ask yourself, “How many bottles of laundry detergent do I have?”

That shuts my logical mind down completely, as I could care less.

“How many ceiling tiles are there in this building?

“How many yards of carpet did it take to cover the floor?”

Who knows, plus the answer doesn’t matter. You are just open to whatever is.

In other words, you don’t have a preconceived agenda.


There are many ways of accessing this state of neutral.

One of the tried and true methods is meditation.

Anybody who is serious about becoming a medical intuitive would do well to develop a meditation practice.

For me, I like to go to the Zen Center on Monday nights for formal seated meditation. I also practice yoga, qi gong and tai chi, which are forms of moving meditation. These help me get so into whatever I am doing, I can’t possibly think about anything else.


I remember one time I was scheduled to do a healing on a long-term client.

I had worked with this person for over 10 years and felt I knew her extremely well.

She had been falling down and injuring herself for no apparent reason.

She would literally be just walking along, and without tripping on anything, just fall down.

I decided I needed to meditate for one hour prior to her healing session.

Usually I meditate for 20 to 30 minutes at a stretch, and find this to be sufficient.

In this case, I meditated for twice as long as usual.

When I came out of my meditation, I realized that the development of her vestibular system had been affected by being exposed to the polio virus in utero, when she was just a fetus of some few weeks standing.

This fact completely astounded me.

She came in for her healing and I reset her vestibular system.

She told me, “Oh yes. My mother told me I had a mild case of polio as a child.”


When we access neutral, we can access a much higher level of intelligence.


I thought I knew this person, but I never knew that she had suffered polio!

As part of her healing, I removed the energetic residue of polio from her system.

She has not fallen down once since that healing.