There are three kinds of stress:

1 – Emotional/mental/spiritual

2 – Structural

3 – Biochemical/hormonal/nutritional

When I do healing work with my clients, I always start with nutrition. That’s food and vitamins. That’s because, in my professional opinion, you can’t start to make serious changes at the cellular level until and unless you start improving your body chemistry.


In my view, you are only as healthy as your cells are healthy. And you are only as young as your weakest organ.


That’s why people can look great or at least ok one day and drop dead of a heart attack another day. They are not taking care of their weakest organ.


Most people usually have some grasp of their basic emotional/mental/spiritual issues. Traditional talk therapy can be helpful at educating you about what these are if you don’t already know.


You may also be aware of structural issues. Your back may hurt, your knees may ache. You would probably know if you had bone, muscle or joint pain.


But most people have no clue about their body chemistry. I have seen clients who had virtually no cortisol and all they knew was that they had no energy. Or people who realized that they couldn’t stop drinking alcohol or overeating but didn’t make the connection that their brain chemistry was severely depleted.


You can begin to improve your body chemistry by eating better. One way to do that is to download my FREE recipes and shopping list at


Each body is biochemically unique, so you may have particular nutritional deficiencies that may or may not be overcome simply by eating well, and for that there are lab tests and/or kinesiology or medical intuitive readings to help determine what exactly it is that you need in order to start feeling better.


I remember years ago, I was deficient in molybdenum. Who ever even thinks about molybdenum?


A fellow kinesiologist helped me determine this deficiency. When I started getting enough through a supplement, I felt dramatically better.


I will never give up my work with nutrition, because giving your body exactly what it needs is so crucial for long-term, effective healing.