After meditating on Monday night, another regular meditator approached me.

She had heard that I am a medical intuitive, and she wanted to know what was wrong with her left eye.

It had been twitching uncontrollably, and nothing she could think of would make it stop.

Because she is a regular meditator, she knew it wasn’t just stress.

She asked me to step away from the group to give her a brief reading.

I told her that she had picked up negative spiritual energy when she had worked in the office of an herbalist.

Although the herbalist is very knowledgeable, I told my meditator friend that the person did not know how to keep the energy in her office clear.


I personally clear my office every day. I also call in protection. People who walk in my office notice the difference immediately. Everybody always begins to feel better just walking in the door.


The office my friend had worked in was full of confused energy, and the meditator is so open she had picked it up.


“Oh, hitchhikers,” she said, knowingly.


“Yes,” I responded. “I clear that all the time. It is a blessing that you are no longer working there.”


The meditator wanted to try an herbal remedy she knew about to clear negative spiritual energy, but I told her that if that did not work, to come and see me, because I clear things like that all the time.


If you look into the left eye of any person, that will give you a very good understanding of what is happening with that individual at the soul level.


If you don’t believe me, just google Mohammed Atta and look at his picture. Then look into his left eye. Scary.


Then google a picture of Mother Teresa. Even when she was old and wrinkly, her left eye was full of compassion. Then compare a photo of Mother Teresa with actresses who have portrayed her on film. There is no comparison. Even a good actress can’t carry off a true imitation of that level of spiritual energy.


I explained to my meditator friend that she is a good person, which she definitely knew, but that her field is so open and that she did not know how to protect her energy.


It’s like if you left your back door open, just about anyone or anything could get in.


Also, where you put your attention is very important. It’s all here – the angelic is here, the demonic is here. I like to explain to my clients that you are like one of those old timey radio sets – you know the ones, with a dial? You get to choose what to tune into.


Personally, I listen to my spiritual guides, so it was not that much of a surprise to me when they started showing up in photographs that I was taking around my home and studio. You can see them on this blog. Just go to the photos section and find the album of angel pictures.


Even if you are a very good person, if you are too open and do not know how to protect your energy, you can pick up things that may be affecting your mental and physical health.


I don’t discuss this all that much. Sometimes, when clients come in, I just clear what needs to be cleared. I ask for guidance about whether or not the individual can handle the information. Many times, all a person needs to know is that they came to see me and now they feel better.


The first person I ever cleared was a priest. He had had severe jaw pain that was incurable by any other method for five years, and he had been severely depressed.


When I figured out what was wrong, I went into a mild state of panic. Was I really going to tell a priest that he was carrying negative spiritual energy? 

I asked for guidance. Yes, I got, I needed to tell him.


“I know that,” he said.


I recommended that he find someone who could clear that within his religious tradition. He came back because he could not find anybody. So I cleared him. His pain and his depression vanished instantly. It has not come back either.

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