“It it’ takes you longer than 30 seconds to get it, you’re wrong.”

These were the words of the lady who explained to me what seems lightyears ago that I am a prophetic.

I had gone to visit this woman on the advice of my mentor in healing.

To be honest with you, I didn’t really want to go.


I wasn’t really interested in intuition, intuitive development, telling fortunes, reading the body or knowing stuff about other people.


What I was really interested in was natural healing.


But my mentor in healing said that if I was going to be a for-real healer, I had to go and understand how my intuition actually worked. She said that everybody has different ways of getting information, and that if I didn’t understand how my intuition worked, I was going to end up wasting a lot of time second-guessing myself.


The prophetic gift is the same gift that Edgar Cayce had.


Edgar Cayce lived a long time ago. He would go into a trance state and do readings on people, explaining the root causes of their health problems and also what to do to be healthy.


Edgar Cayce just knew stuff.


That’s the essence of what it means to be a prophetic. You just know stuff, with often zero supporting evidence. Only it will turn out later that you were actually right. Lab tests will support you. History will support you. It’s just a matter of whether or not you trust yourself long enough to share your information with other people.


There are different psychic gifts. The feeling gift and the visionary gift are actually slower gifts.


I am glad I am not a feeler or a visionary. I understand these gifts and use them also, but that is not primarily what I am about. I don’t like to waste anybody’s time, either your time or my time. I like to cut to the chase. And I don’t hardly ever go into a trance state to get the information.


The lady who first worked with me about my gifts explained that my gifts are so fast that if it takes me longer than 30 seconds to get information, my ego mind has had time to slip in and alter what I received, so that would make it wrong.


Most people think you have to take the time to think things through to get good facts, to make logical choices that will add up and stand the test of time.


This is not the way with the prophetic gift. Slow is wrong. Slow means your ego has slipped in to try to color what you just channeled.


Short, quick and direct is the way for me.


I remember when I went to study healing in Canada, we would always practice what we learned. Other people would be in their rooms carrying on often for hours. I was always the first one to be done. Then I would have to entertain myself while waiting for the others.


As time has marched on, I have learned to slow down when I do my healing work. This for me is progress because I try to go at a rate that my clients can actually keep up with me.


Unfortunately for me, my clients unconsciously understand that my gifts never turn off. They may call me or email me out of the blue to try to elicit instant information. One lady even texted me recently while I was making dinner. “Make an appointment,” I more or less said.


Even I get to take time off to make dinner and then go meditate later. Let’s all have boundaries, they work for everybody.


The prophetic receives information from the crown chakra. I am not quite sure why it is all so fast, but it just is. My theory is that we are all connected at a cellular and molecular level. There is no time or space if you go deep enough.


Sometimes in the past me using my prophetic gift has felt like 1,000 volts of electricity coming through an ordinary light socket. At times it felt like my nervous system was being overloaded. So I have had to ask my angels and guides to slow down and give me information at a pace that I can handle it all more comfortably.


So the paradox is if you talk to a prophetic, if it’s fast and direct, it’s correct.


Taking the time to mull over the words means the ego is filtering things. And the paradox is that the mind has a limited point of view, whereas being able to connect to the infinite gives you an unlimited viewpoint.


I sometimes slow down and try to figure out how I can say what I just learned tactfully. That takes a bit of figuring out sometimes.