If I could summarize the top 5 things you can do to get out of pain, they would be:

  1. Find the emotion.
  2. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet.
  3. Learn how to sit, stand and sleep with good posture.
  4. Practice qi gong, tai chi and/or yoga.
  5. Identify your payoffs and cut it out.

O.K., so there are your headlines.

  1. Find the emotion. I have studied and practiced all kinds of healing work now for about 20 years. What I have learned about emotions is that your emotions can shut down literally any process in your body on ANY level – physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. If I am doing a healing with a client, the first thing I have to do is find the emotion so I can clear it out at the same time I am removing the pain. Otherwise, what happens is this. I fix the knee and the problem moves to the elbow. I fix the knee and the elbow and it moves to the neck. And so on. In other words, if you want to completely eliminate your pain you have to be very honest with yourself and identify the emotion that caused the pain and clear that out SIMULTANEOUSLY if you want to done. I am the kind of healer who wants to be done instead of playing around with one problem after the other for years on end.
  2. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. I usually start all my new clients by working with them on what they eat, and when necessary, using high quality nutritional supplements. Frequently, new clients balk at this step. Can’t they keep on eating junk and feel good anyway? When they finally follow my advice and change their diet and take the necessary supplements, it’s like a big lightbulb goes off in their head. They finally connect how they were eating and the inflammatory processes that had been going on in their body with how they had been feeling. Inflammation is like fire in your body. It starts in your gut and then goes everywhere. If you are in pain, by definition you have too much inflammation. The top pro-inflammatory foods to cut out or reduce include caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar. Just remember nobody in their right mind eats CATS! And then throw in fried foods and gluten. You can pretty much count on feeling 110 percent better if you get that junk out of your diet.
  3. Learn how to sit, stand and sleep with good posture. Most of your life you are either sitting, standing or sleeping. If you are sitting, standing or sleeping with bad posture, you change the way you use your muscles. When you sit, stand and sleep in proper alignment, your muscles can be balanced. I helped a lady with scoliosis reduce her pain dramatically just by changing the way she was standing. You would need to be trained by someone who can observe what you habitually do, show you just exactly how that is making you worse and then teach you how to do these things better. Set up an appointment with me by calling 678-612-8816. I will show you how your current posture is making you feel bad and teach you how to do everything better.
  4. Practice qi gong, tai chi and/or yoga. Pain happens when there is some sort of energetic block in the body. When your energy is open and balanced, your body naturally heals itself. Qi gong, tai chi and yoga are all designed to open and balance your energy system. Yes, other forms of exercise are wonderful also, but other forms of exercise were not purposefully designed to open and balance your chakras and acupuncture system. If you don’t believe me, ask  someone you know who practices qi gong, tai chi or yoga with any regularity – and by that I mean at least three days a week and preferably daily – how much pain they have in their body. The answer will typically be, “Zero!” Some of the most difficult clients I work with are naturally slim. They don’t understand why they too need to exercise. If your chakras and acupuncture meridians are blocked, you will have pain somewhere in the body. Get your energy moving and balance your energy centers by practicing qi gong, tai chi and/or yoga. Personally I practice these forms of exercise a minimum of five times a week and nothing hurts. You can join my yoga classes on Tuesday/Thursday evenings at 7:30 and Thursday mornings at 11. You can join my qi gong class on Wednesday afternoons at 5:30. Just call me at 678-612-8816 and I will share the particulars.
  5. Identify your payoffs and cut it out. O.K., if you have followed these previous four recommendations, now comes the hard part frankly. Many people get a massive payoff out of being sick, in pain or suffering. In my book, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness, http://shop.totalfitness.netI talk about 25 payoffs you can get by holding on to your pain. The truth is that once you recognize you are juicing your victim, loading up your martyr, giving your poor me even more ammunition and feeding your lost child, you can get a hold of yourself and cut out your self sabotaging thought patterns. I mean really. The medical literature is full of recorded instances of recovery of virtually every affliction known to mankind. If someone else overcame your pain that means you can too. But you will need to be totally honest with yourself. Once you are 100 percent onboard with your healing it won’t be that difficult to take the steps necessary to let it all go. If you don’t know what your payoffs are, set up an appointment and I can use kinesiology to explain to you what you are getting out of staying in pain.

What is healing?

True healing happens when we work through our issues mind, body and spirit.