Today I had a funny experience about money that has nothing to do with fitness, nutrition or natural healing, but it has everything to do with attitude and energy, which is all about soul.

I have a tendency to get athlete’s foot and so, as a result, I am always changing my socks. Over the years I have gotten particular about my socks, as certain socks make my feet feel better while others do not.


I happened to be at the Lennox Mall today, and had arrived early for my lesson at the Apple store. You never know how long it will actually take to get to the mall on a Friday afternoon.


Being early, I thought I would continue my eternal quest for the perfect socks.


I had found the perfect socks some 10 years ago at the Ecco store at the Lennox Mall. I had bought about 10 pairs of them at the time, being perfect, but over time socks get holes in them or you lose them in the wash, so my supply has been dwindling.


As usual, I was disappointed that Ecco is no longer making my perfect socks. I keep looking, but they keep inventing new styles and new variations.


Finally, since my sock supply needs attention, I decided to try two new pairs of bamboo socks.


I went to pay for my socks and pulled out a 100 dollar bill.


When clients pay me in cash, I save that money and use it to pay for incidentals.


The gentleman behind the counter drew a dark black marker over my 100 dollar bill. The marker stayed black.


“This is not real money,” he told me, much to my surprise.


I could not think of anyone who would intentionally pay me with counterfeit money. But there it was.


I called a friend of mine who is very good with money and also a very spiritual person. He told me to take it to another store and confirm that the money was actually fake.


The Apple store confirmed it. The money was no good.


“You can’t intentionally spend that money anywhere,” my friend said to me. “Knowing that it is counterfeit, that would be like you stealing $100 worth of merchandise.”


I thought of how long I had to work to earn that $100.


Then I remembered what Florence Scovall Shinn says. There is no loss in divine mind.


I called my friend back and asked him what I should do with the bill. It didn’t really matter, he said, as long as it was taken out of circulation.


I went home and held the bill over my kitchen sink and lit a match.


It didn’t even burn all the way. Then I turned on the water and flushed it down the drain.


I reflected upon the fact that it could have just as easily been a real $100 bill that I burned and flushed down the drain.


It is quite funny that we put so much importance on dollar bills of any valuation, when all we really need is a new pair of socks to keep our feet dry.


As I burned the bill over my sink, I affirmed, “There is no loss in divine mind. The energy of this money comes back to me multiplied.”


It’s never the actual event that kills us. It’s our reaction to it and what goes on between our ears that’s most often the problem.


No matter what the event, we can transform the energy of it into something more positive by looking for and finding the blessing, even if it isn’t immediately apparent.


I knew that no harm had been intended to me by whomever accidentally gave me the fraudulent bill.


In healing work, intention is everything.


I send my money out with gratitude and I receive knowing that I have the great privilege of doing what I do for a living, working out of my home, being accompanied by my dog Belle, enjoying my orchids and my garden and having the ultimate pleasure of watching my clients become happier and healthier every day.


The Course in Miracles says that everything we give is given to ourselves.


I know from personal experience that everything I put out comes back to me multiplied.


I always feel the most selfish thing I can ever do is to be kind and generous with everyone.


I would have harmed myself if I put a fraudulent bill back into circulation. I took responsibility, which is always the first step in any healing, even though I did not know why or how it had ended up in my hands.


God is good all the time. And it’s all God, so it’s all good.


My friend wrote me an email back. “I have read we can’t cheat God. That’s another way of saying that we can’t get around karma. You’ll get that money back in another way…with interest.”


P.S. Within a week of this blog post, my bank sent me a notice. Error in my favor: $160.