One of the things I do is teach my clients how to listen to their angels.


Everybody has angels. They have been with you since before birth. You chose them and they chose you, and they are here to help you and guide you throughout your life. It’s just a question of whether or not you are listening to them.

I teach people how to talk to their angels because many people feel alone.

But trust me, you are never really alone, even if you think you are alone or even feel lonely. You are always being watched over and guided, every step of the way. There is never even one second of your life that you are not protected, deeply loved and guided.


If I teach a client how to talk to their angels, they are never truly lonely again. It’s such a gift, because their life changes. Even if they have hard times, their attitude about that hard time shifts because there is a feeling of support that wasn’t there before.


You must be able to access neutral in order to communicate with your angels.


Step 1. Clear your energy. Pass your hands over your head three times. As I do this, I use a mantra: “I clear my energy in the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost.”

Step 2. Stand up in the middle of a room.

Step 3. Say, “Angel spirit guides, please show me a yes.” Feel what happens. Usually your energy will shift forward. Or it may shift to another direction. Just watch what happens.

Step 4. Say, “Angel spirit guides, please show me a no.” Once again, feel what happens. Usually your energy will shift slightly backwards.

Step 5. Once you have cleared your energy and gotten a clear yes and a clear no, then ask permission to ask questions. Your angels are your team. You can only really ask for guidance about yourself. Ask questions in a yes or no format. Ask, “Angel spirit guides, do I have permission to ask questions at this time about (subject)….” Once again, watch and feel. If you get a no, it’s not time to discuss that subject, but there may be something else you could talk to them about.


The worst depressions of all happen when people have lost their spiritual connection. The more connected we are to God, the happier we are, the more protected, guided and uplifted we are.


This is a simple way to begin. I actually channel my angels. I have a list of my angels in my journal. Sometimes I tune in to a particular one and listen carefully and write down what they say to me. If I wake up in the middle of the night, often it is one of my angels trying to communicate with me because I have been too busy during the day to stop and listen.


When we stop and listen to our guidance, we feel connected.