I just made my standard juice this morning – kale, celery and apple.

This is the real beauty food. This is the real beauty product, the one that will make you look and feel like a million dollars.

One of the things I have done a lot of over the years is help people sort out their skin problems.

And I am not just talking about ordinary people with skin problems – wrinkles, acne, rosacea, horrible rashes, poison ivy.

I am also talking about professional aestheticians. People who give facials. People who make organic skin care products. People who sell skin care products and beauty creams of all varieties.

Most of the lotions and potions you pay lots of money to put on your skin to look better even make the professionals break out.


The important thing to understand is that you can only look as good on the outside as your cells are healthy on the inside.


As far as aging goes, you are only as young as your weakest organ.


You may be fit and strong, but if you have under functioning kidneys or a toxic liver, that is going to affect your biological age, the way you look, your energy level and your long-term prospects for illness and disease.


Juicing is one of the best things you can ever do for your health.


And as all my clients know, I am big on nutrition and I am big on exercise.


Even though I am a medical intuitive, I would never give up my work with nutrition and exercise because you can’t really be a healthy person unless you eat right and find some way of moving your body on a regular basis. You truly can’t even begin to heal yourself until you improve your eating and you start improving your circulation through movement.


I got up this morning and made a 16 ounce mug of juice. I buy big bags of chopped up kale at Whole Foods. I got my pink lady apples at Trader Joes. Celery is easy to find everywhere.


After I finish juicing, I collect the pulp in my compost bucket and that will make its way to my compost pile, which will eventually make its way into my garden, and everybody who has seen the photos on my blog knows how much I love my flowers and my garden.


I am drinking my juice as I write this blog. Pretty soon I will go for my morning walk.


Even though I had heard how great juicing was, I was finally convinced to start when I met one of my neighbors one day. He was in his mid-90s and was just returning home from his walk. His pussycat was sitting at attention waiting for him. He had rosy cheeks and a great disposition. I asked him what his health secrets were.


“Juicing,” he told me.

“What do you juice?” I asked him.

“Oh, whatever is in the refrigerator,” he replied.


If you come to my house, I usually keep a big box of organic spinach and a big bag of kale in my refrigerator.


This is a photo of me after juicing, age 52, my face washed, no moisturizer, no makeup other than lipstick.