One of the blocks that may keep you from opening to your soul messages is feeling afraid of what you may hear, see, know or feel.

If you feel afraid of your own guidance, that’s a sign you don’t have a very good connection to who you really are.

You are a beautiful, timeless, strong, eternal, blessed soul.

You are loved unconditionally.

I know from personal experience that you are guided every step and every minute of every day if you only stop and listen.

You can release your fear of what may come to you intuitively by developing a healthier relationship with yourself.

All the connections you have in your life – with other people, with your life partner, with your mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, with food, with money, with your boss, with your body, you name it and even with your own soul – the well being of each and every one of those liaisons stems directly from the core relationship you have with yourself.

Putting it quite simply, if you don’t have a healthy connection to your true self you may feel afraid of what your intuition could reveal.

If you don’t believe that to know you is to love you, you may be keeping other people, your own feelings and even life itself at arm’s length.

You will feel more comfortable with the facade and feel much less at ease looking behind the curtain.

What are the core dramas that keep you from enjoying this healthy relationship with yourself?

  • Poor me. Poor me is always talking about being too busy, too tired. Poor me is the victim of circumstances outside your control. You feel sorry for yourself and therefore think others should also. You are too weak, too sensitive to experience the truth. There’s a limit to what you think you can handle.
  • Interrogator. Where were you on the night of Friday the 13th? Why doesn’t your life look perfect yet? What’s wrong with you anyway? You beat up on yourself. Even if you manage to fix one problem, there’s always something else to berate yourself about, smart aleck.
  • Intimidator. You threaten yourself a lot. “Get this done by next week or you’re finished!” You are your own worst bully beating up on the part of you that may actually need kindness, compassion or patience. You see the weaker aspects of yourself as needing to be whacked into submission.
  • Aloof. You aren’t really home to your body, mind or spirit. You act like you don’t really care about yourself. You don’t care, so why should anyone else – even God – give a damn about you, much less guide your every step?

You can begin to get a clue what the core drama with yourself is by listening to the way you talk to yourself when nobody else is listening.

Another clue may be how you have come to expect other people to treat you.

The truth is that the world we experience is but our inner drama writ large and projected outwards into the world.

These four inner dramas – poor me, interrogator, intimidator and aloof – keep you from clearly hearing the messages of your soul because you constantly expect the negative.

How do you go about changing these dramas so you can receive the messages that your soul desperately wants to get across to you?

  1. Recognize your default drama. Notice which of these four patterns comes most easily to you. Maybe that’s not you all the time any more. Maybe you have done a lot of deep spiritual work. Maybe your evil twin just shows up every once in awhile, but you still want to be able to recognize him or her.
  2. Use the affirmation, “To know me is to love me.” Place your hand over your heart and repeat this several times a day until it feels like your truth.
  3. If you hear your inner voice speaking as poor me, interrogator, intimidator or aloof, you know it’s not your soul speaking.  Your soul will never speak like a victim, like a smart aleck, like a bully or like your soul doesn’t care. That would be your ego.

You can have an even healthier relationship with yourself when you compassionately recognize that these four ego dramas were just roles you adopted because you simply forgot who you really are.

No matter what you have done in the past, despite all your mistakes, you are still divinely loved and always will be.

Step into the truth of this fact now and accept that your soul wants to lead you to greater happiness.