Many times, in fact MOST times, when people have a muscle pain they just think they have a problem with a muscle.

It is very important to understand the flow of energy between organs and muscles.

The energy flow in the body goes like this:

Energy enters the body through the bahui point in the crown of the head.

The bahui feeds energy to the hara line, which is the vertical electrical current from top to bottom.

The hara feeds the chakras, which are the energy plexuses that feed the endocrine glands.

The chakras feed the acupuncture meridians.

The acupuncture meridians feed the organs.

The organs feed energy to the muscles.


Let me give you an example of how this works, practically speaking.


Just yesterday, I was doing healing work on a client’s shoulders.

I tested each of about 15 different muscles related to the shoulders on both sides of the body.

When I found a muscle that was weak or in pain, I treated a combination of acupressure points, spinal reflex points, cranial reflexes, foot reflexes and neurolymphatic reflex points.

In each case where the muscles were weak, the muscles corresponded to organs the client was also having trouble with – in this case, the lungs and the spleen, which we have been addressing with herbs.

At the end of the session, the client’s shoulders felt entirely different, even though I did no specific strength work or stretching for any of the muscles.


When we practice exercise like yoga, we open and balance the chakras, which balances not only the energy system of the body but also improves the health of the endocrine glands as well as the organs. Although we are stretching and strengthening the muscles, it’s not just the physical work that helps, it’s the vast improvement in energy flow that makes such a big difference as compared with something like traditional weight training.

Likewise, gentle exercise like tai chi and qi gong can make you surprisingly strong and healthy precisely because these modalities balance the acupuncture meridians.


Next time you have trouble with a specific muscle, ask me what organ is related to that muscle.

I will be able to tell you specifically not only what organ is causing your muscle to be weak, but also the exact unresolved emotion that is causing your weakness.


If you have have unresolved emotional issues, you may, for example, experience chronic low back pain even if you have never lifted anything heavier than your fork.

Emotions can shut down any chakra or any acupuncture meridian.

You have probably experienced this yourself anytime you became stressed and your energy level just seemed to drop off a cliff. You shut down not just emotionally but also energetically, and that would shut down your muscles as well.


That is why approaches that try to fix the body by just working on the physical aspects alone may be tedious, long suffering and even ineffective.

I often laugh at purely biomechanical approaches to healing. People go to excruciating lengths to analyze every muscle without relating it to the energy system or the emotions. Muscles are part of the picture, but hardly the whole picture.

We have to consider how our whole body works together to create rapid, long-standing results and solutions.