As a medical intuitive healer, one of the most common issues new clients consult me about is how to get rid of their pain:

  • Physical pain
  • Mental/emotional pain
  • Spiritual pain
  • OR you hurt all over and are not quite sure how this whole thing started.

One of the things that’s really interesting about your body is that you hold cellular memories.

Just as you hold memories of trauma, your body also actually remembers what you felt like when you felt GOOD – I mean all the way relaxed, happy, easy, comfortable and pain-free.

When I am doing a medical intuitive reading, I often ask HOW and WHEN your pain started:

  • Whether your pain started on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual level
  • The age or ages when this pattern started
  • And any other relevant information

The good thing to understand is that just because you hurt now doesn’t mean you have to feel that way forever.

Why do I know this is true?

Because your kinesthetic memory is your longest term memory.

Even if you feel terrible right now, more than likely way deep down your cells know how to operate in a healthy, harmonious manner.

If I am practicing energy healing, one of the things I typically say to your body is, “Show me excellent, radiant health.”

Because more than likely you hold this cellular memory of perfect health – and even if you were born with deformities, or deficiencies you are part of the human race and collectively we humans also hold this memory – you can ask your body to recreate this state of inner harmony.

In a medical intuitive reading, I simply ask your body how your cells got confused into holding onto pain.

If you think of pain as simply confusion, you can redirect yourself towards greater health and happiness.

Because your physical body is only the most dense aspect of yourself, more than likely your pain did not start there:

  • Your physical body is controlled by your energy body. Your energy body consists of your chakras, your acupuncture meridians and your breath. Did your pain originate there?
  • Your energy body is controlled by your emotional body. What emotions have you been unable to resolve that have created the vibrational resonance of suffering?
  • Your emotional body is controlled by your intellectual body. What thoughts or limiting beliefs are you holding on to that cause you to continue to suffer?
  • Your intellectual body is controlled by your spiritual body. A wounded spirit is probably the highest degree of suffering you can ever experience. How can you call on the strength of your soul to let go of the wounded you have experienced in not only this but possibly many other lifetimes?


  • Your soul controls your mind
  • Your mind controls your emotions
  • Your emotions determine the quality of your energy
  • Your energy permeates your physical body,

If you are suffering, then by definition more than likely your pain did not simply magically appear one day in your physical body.

As you address your imbalances on all levels, you can supercharge your healing and escape the chains of discomfort.