Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan has 16 endorsements from authors, healers and experts in natural healing from all over the world.

In Reading the Soul, medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan reveals what’s going on with you at the soul level.

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan

You may be suffering from a wounded spirit, your soul may be carrying karmas from this or other lifetimes, you may be weighed by the burden of negative spiritual energies and why traditional medicine or natural healing may not be working to clear what ails you.

Here’s what the experts are saying about how you can benefit from Reading the Soul:

“Catherine Carrigan has done it again — pulled together a wealth of material from her own deep experiential wisdom. This time she helps us find the soul inside ordinary experiences, especially the seemingly negative ones. It’s so important that we learn to see through our challenges and fear to the compassionate revelation of the soul’s sanity within. It’s part of remembering who we really are. It’s part of becoming transparent. Y ou’ll find tremendous reassurance and guidance in this book.”

– Penney Peirce, Author of Transparency Leap of Perception, and Frequency

“Catherine Carrigan is an unequaled master of reading the soul. This is her greatest gift, and the work she has come here to do. As she shares not only her stories, but her technique, you may find your own soul responding to the love she has poured into every page. And when you have finished reading it, you may find that you have changed.”

– Maxine Taylor
America’s First Licensed Astrologer, Author of Move Into the Magic

“If you have never heard of medical intuitives and what they are actually capable of, this book is the key to unlock that mystery. Catherine reaches deep into her toolbox on this book and reveals her magical way of working with great precedent. This book brings all of her skills to the surface as she reveals what true healing represents. I believe her methods and teachings are a paradigm we should all embrace for a better future. I believe Catherine to be a true shaman if you will as she can see deep into a person’s being and bring everything to the surface so they may simply heal themselves. To me she is the living version of the great Edgar Cayce!”

– Darin McBratney, Owner of Costa Rica Yoga Spa and Iboga Therapy

Reading the Soul Number 1 in Gestalt Psychology

Reading the Soul Number 1 in Gestalt Psychology

“What an honor and a privilege! When Catherine invited me to write an endorsement for her new book Reading the Soul, I was both delighted and thrilled. Three pages into the book … and I was moved to tears. The story reached my heart and touched my soul. I instantly recognized in the person described someone I love dearly — awakening a profound desire for them to be healed in the same way. I ploughed ahead, eagerly devouring story after riveting story — an astonishing and enlightening collection of healing journeys.

I soon realized that my endorsement was secondary to the blessing of this book touching my life. At the time of reading, my world was in turmoil — in the throes of moving house and a life in chaos. God, the Universe, or whatever you believe, surely knew that I would not have taken the time to read this book. It’s clear that Catherine was guided to send me this book — enabling me to be the beneficiary of this profound knowledge — healing my soul and connect to its true purpose.

One of life’s biggest lessons is to learn to love ourselves, thus allowing others to love us in turn. Catherine generously shares her remarkable and profound knowledge — leading us to understand how we can connect to our true selves — pursue and achieve our soul’s divine purpose with ease and joy … simply by being ourselves. Catherine demands that we relinquish the urge to find the answers. She advocates we reject intellectual understanding. Instead, we must open ourselves up to direct experience with the divine.

If you yearn for a soul-connected life, then ‘Reading the Soul’ is a must-read. An outstanding lesson on how to let go and let our souls show us the way.”

– Olivia Beardsmore, Founder of Burning Woman

Reading the Soul Number 1 in Gnosticism

Reading the Soul Number 1 in Gnosticism

“Catherine Carrigan’s new book, Reading the Soul, gets right to the heart of matters.

“Beyond overview, case studies, holistic understanding and intuitivewisdom, this book offers a true template for understanding and assisting ourselves and others in the sacred work of soul evolution. Use this book to wake up, align, clear and live a soul-driven, purposeful life of fulfillment and service to all Being.”

– Gabriela Masala, Transformational Consultant, Facilitator, Evolutionary Soul

“In Reading the Soul, Catherine Carrigan gracefully shares many healing stories from her clients to demonstrate how medical intuitives work and what they can do to help you heal. As a healer myself, I find work like hers invaluable! All wounds are experienced physically in the body, mental mentally in the mind, and spiritually in the heart! It is my opinion, and personal experience, that consulting with someone as skilled as Catherine is a requirement when it comes to healing that can help you to heal on each of these levels and is sustainable, deep, and long-lasting. This book acts as an opening for anyone interested in learning what a medical intuitive is, how this skill can help them to heal, and why consulting a medical intuitive is important.

Reading the Soul can open your heart and mind and facilitate your own personal healing.”

– Peter Bedard, MA, C.Ht., Author, Convergence Healing: Healing Pain with Energetic Love

“Catherine is an earthly angel who lives her gifts. This book Reading the Soul is an easy read and explains how she works with her spiritual connection to help healing on the soul level. How to live with spirit guides, angels and archangels is clearly explained for those who want to work with spirit to heal. If you are searching, this book is a must read.”

– Rachel Shackleton, Medical Herbalist (DipHerb), Naturopath (DipNat), Kinesiologist (DipK), Fresh Air Fridays Facilitator

Reading the Soul captures the essence of what all spiritual knowledge is based upon. Catherine gives a clear under- standing of your soul’s purpose and the different soul contracts you chose before you incarnated. She fills the holes and questions that most people have about why certain things are happening in their life. Reading the Soul is insightful, uplifting and inspiring!”

– Meghan Olsgard, Spiritual Life Coach at Infinite Soul Blueprint

“Have you ever struggled to understand why your life is the way it is? Perhaps there is a recurring pattern that just seems to elude your awareness? Reading the Soul takes a deep dive into the many ways we can fall out of grace with our own soul. Catherine Carrigan brings vast intuitive insights about the not-so-obvious ways we can struggle in life. Each topic brings a story with it to back it up with a real-life example. This book offers a comprehensive review of the many ways we can get stuck in our own journey, so that we can ultimately evolve from these experiences. Take the deep dive into your own soul’s journey by immersing yourself in Reading the Soul.”

– Les Jensen, Radio Host, Inspirational Speaker and Coach, and Author of Citizen King: The New Age of Power, Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior and Personal Power Fundamentals.

“Catherine Carrigan’s book, Reading the Soul, brings us a critical message: “If you want to understand and control your health, you MUST learn to communicate with your soul.” In a world with a broken healthcare system, in a world where big companies profit off of our addictions, insecurities and disease, in a world where people are craving connection and don’t know how to get it, Catherine’s book not only give us a guide, but also the stories and examples necessary to adopt and integrate a whole new way to look at the reality we experience.”

– Ani Anderson, CEO of NEW Health Inc., bestselling author of Find Your Soul’s Agenda

“Catherine Carrigan’s latest book, Reading the Soul, is both a delightful read and a great resource for soul connection. She uses stories and anecdotes to illustrate the many ways in which we all can understand and heal our soul. She even provides step-by-step instruction on healing techniques that any reader can use to feel less burdened and more energized right away. InReading the Soul, Catherine has once again gifted readers with a clear grasp of healing and the power of love.”

-Nina Lynn, author ofYou’re the One and Gracie and Sammy

Reading the Soul Number 1 in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Reading the Soul Number 1 in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

“Self-love is key and in her latest book, Catherine Carrigan shows how important it is to draw on this internal well rather than looking to the outer world for fulfillment. As always, her insights are deep and on point, and she explores the blocks to love and how to release them.”

– Jean Adrienne, author and developer of InnerSpeakTM

“Catherine Carrigan’s newest book Reading the Soul gives the reader a thorough explanation of the high-quality healing works she provides. This captivating, detailed book provides insight to the reader about all the reasons we get sick, struggle with life and our relationships, are unhappy or live in fear. Catherine shows her expertise as she explains how healing works and gives the reader specific prayers, activities and areas to consider in their quest for healing. On top of all that, the client examples that she has personally facilitated make for fascinating, can’t-put-the- book-down reading.”

– Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D., L.I.S.A.C., Theta Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Author

Reading the Soul Number in Theism Christian Theology

Reading the Soul Number in Theism Christian Theology

“Catherine has written a compelling story-based look into Reading the Soul. As a transformational shaman and healer who has studied for 40 years, there is rarely a book that teaches me something new. But this book has done that, and in such a wonderfully written way that I found it hard to put down.”

– Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor (TM)

“In Catherine’s new book, I was constantly fascinated by the depth and scope of her knowledge and wisdom about our soul journeys. There’s great richness in the stories she presents that give us better insight into the many aspects of our soul contracts and karmic wounds we are here to work through. The book also illustrates her profound intuitive awareness that has helped so many people.”

– Peter Roth, Medical Intuitive Healer, Author, Human Design analyst

“Catherine Carrigan is an angel who talks to angels. In Reading the Soul she pulls back the curtain to let us know how such a conversation might go. It’s not limited to the four-dimensional spacetime language we share. She writes with the confidence and clarity of one familiar with that uncertain world, guided by love and service. All true healing restores Wholeness and Integrity to the Soul, and through many real life examples she points out the soul- traps that disrupt it. She takes the reader by the hand and reminds you of the beauty of your authentic Self.”

– Rick Barrett, Author of Finding You in a World of It and Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan

Reading the Soul is Catherine Carrigan’s 10th book.

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Reading the Soul Number 1 in Teen Health

Reading the Soul Number 1 in Teen Health