In this blog, I have been attempting to talk about how I use my intuitive gifts in simple, practical and hopefully profound ways.


If I could give one gift to each and every one of my readers, students and clients, it would be to teach each one how to access their own universal intelligence.

This is the intelligence that goes beyond what can be measured, seen, weighed, counted or added up at the end of the year to satisfy the accountants over at the IRS.


It is a known scientific fact that only 5 percent of the universe can be quantified.


“When I first started in this field, some people were adamant that they understood the contents of the universe quite well,” said Sarah Church, deputy director of Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology.


Dark matter and dark energy are now scientifically acknowledged to make up 95 percent of everything in existence. Dark matter and dark energy, believed to be two sides of the same coin, are invisible.


Astronomers currently believe that the entire universe is held together by the gravitational pull of this unseen material.


And yet vast numbers of our human race continue going around clinging to our view of this 5 percent we call “reality.”


Here is a simple but practical way to think about your life.


Many people, as they are growing up, try to figure out what to do or be, professionally speaking. They may think, “I am smart, I guess I will be a lawyer.” They visualize themselves in a Brooks Brothers suit, carrying an expensive briefcase, driving a BMW and holding up a martini at a cocktail party full of other equally impressive-looking professionals.


But they never take time to project what it might FEEL like to live their life on lawyer. The 80 hour work weeks. The time away from family or loved ones. The early mornings, late nights and weekends hunched over a desk. The alcohol, antidepressants, marriage and family counseling to compensate for a lack of intimacy.


Not to pick on lawyers – I could pick many other professions as well.


The point I am making is that when you would like to make a decision about your life, don’t just visualize yourself in the role.


Feel what your life would feel like if you went in that direction.


Last year, I gave a simple example of how I use my psychic gifts to figure out what clothes to wear. I simply feel what it will feel like to go someplace. One day may be colder and I need to bring a sweater, another day I have to come prepared with short sleeves. I don’t check the weather forecast, I simply project myself into the location where I will be and feel ahead to sense the temperature.


In the same way, you can feel ahead in your own life.


This is very important because most of us use our ego to make major decisions. “This will earn me a lot of money,” we think. “This will make me well-known.” Or, “This is what I SHOULD be doing.”


When we make decisions based on ego, we often lose sight of how our soul will actually feel when we get there.


Last year, a good friend asked me to accompany her on a three-week trip to China.


I made the decision by feeling ahead.


The energy of the trip felt compressed. It felt as though she would have trouble breathing. It felt as though, if I went, I would be consoling her a great deal of the time. It felt expensive, but not comfortable or luxurious. And at the end of the day, it didn’t feel fun. There was nothing light hearted about it.


I love my friend and I very much appreciated her inviting me.


But just before her trip, she ended up having major surgery. Her father died while she was in China. And then there was a bus trip on the side of the mountain where even the most stalwart jocks found themselves holding their breath for fear the bus would fall over a cliff. In short, it was an ordeal.


Although I did not get all that information in as much detail ahead of time, I got the feeling of the trip correctly and declined the invitation. I was at home working while my dear friend was sweating through the agony of her so-called vacation.


Today, I talked with a client in severe adrenal stress. Although I advise the average client with adrenal stress to begin with therapeutic rest and supplements, in her case I went straight to the core issue, which was spiritual.


She and I have worked together for over five years and are extremely fond and respectful of each other. She is a brilliant self-made woman. She is also a victim of her own success.


“There are layers and layers of complexity to my life,” she admitted to me.


She had made a business that was big and thriving. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t FEEL good.


She had started her day at 5 a.m. Her nutrition and self care are excellent. That’s why she was still standing. And that’s why she was able to be calm and self reflective while facing the fact that the life she had created had become a drain on her soul.


I advised her simply to write down her ideal day. What time would she get up? What would she have for breakfast? What would she be doing? Who would be around her?


I admitted that there would be a picture to this ideal day. It would have a look. But beyond all that, it would have a FEELING. And being an ideal day, it would FEEL good.


Intuitively, I have kept my life simple for the basic reason that I want my life to FEEL good.


I FEEL good when I develop loving, caring relationships with my clients.


I FEEL good when my dog Belle comes to work with me.


I FEEL good when I look out on my orchids and garden as I do my work.


I FEEL good when I can take time between clients to lie in my hammock, putter about my garden, practice my yoga or chat with a friend.


I FEEL good when there are gaps in my schedule with free time to do what I like.


As you envision the life you want to create for yourself, ask yourself, “What will it FEEL like when I get there?”


If it feels good, then go for it.


If it feels crushing, overwhelming, rushed or pressured, then you know something needs to be adjusted.