“Once you realize that all comes from within, that the world in which you live is not projected onto you, but by you, your fear comes to an end.”

Nisargadatta Maharaj

When I am doing a medical intuitive healing, one of the questions I am asking is, “What’s your belief that needs to be healed?”

Many people see themselves as a VICTIM of life. The illness happened to them. The job loss happened to them. They caught the bug. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Others see themselves as POOR ME. Other people may catch a break, but somehow, they feel, they never do. They are always talking about being busy and exhausted at the same time.

Still others are very very hard on themselves and they project that hardness onto life itself. “Why aren’t I a millionaire YET?” they secretly ask. “I am so smart/so beautiful/so talented/so precious, why why why don’t I have what I think I deserve?” They see life as diffiCULT, the largest CULT in the world. 

There are countless ways we are all projecting our inner experience onto life, whether we realize it or not.

In just a few days time, I read several posts by a friend on Facebook. She was angry that her insurance company demanded a certain amount of money for a remedy for her son. She was indignant that other people were certified to teach her form of exercise without being able to dance. She was even dismayed she had just driven through a tornado. In none of her posts was any realization of “WOW!” as in, “WOW! I am still here, doing what I love to do, surviving the tornado, literally and figuratively.” 

She was just plain angry the tornadoes existed, not recognizing her own inner turmoil could not have been so eloquently expressed in pure energy, blankly stated.

Harsh, perhaps. 

But the truth is that healing happens most exponentially when we take responsibility.

A courageous person would say, “I have met the tornado and at the moment she is ME. Maybe I should try a little inner peace for a change?”

If I ever get sick myself or suffer anything I consider an indignity, I sit with myself and figure out what belief or beliefs I am holding that manifested that situation.

For example, a few years ago I went through a legal mediation. I had thought that a mediator would be the kindest, gentlest way to resolve the situation but unfortunately I attracted a woman who was completely disorganized. She arrived at our meeting 30 minutes late – meanwhile keeping financial planners, attorneys and other expensive individuals on my paid clock and waiting. Then she proceeded to try to turn the proceedings to the advantage of the other party, not realizing that even though I am not a financial whiz, my intuition can cut through and read the energy of any situation.

After the one and only whirlwind meeting with this so-called mediator who tried to give my money away, I cried for a few hours and then sat down and asked why I had attracted her.

I realized that I subconsciously felt guilty and that I had a previously unrecognized belief that I deserved to be punished.

I immediately did a healing on myself to release my guilt, to forgive myself and all involved parties on all levels (since whatever we do not forgive in ourselves gets projected onto others), and to release any need to be punished.

That was the last meeting I have ever had with the so-called mediator and our dispute did end up being amicably resolved.

If you have any disease, ask what belief you are holding that created it. 

If you have any loss of energy in your life, ask yourself where you are giving your power away.

There is never anything out there out there. If you are driving through a tornado, believe me, you are quite literally living inside in you in there in a tornado.

It’s all in you. And that’s where true healing needs to begin.