As you develop your sixth sense, you may be curious about all kinds of things and want to know the answer to countless questions.

Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

Will the stock market go up or down?

Which politician should win the next election?

Although these and many other conundrums may be a source of endless fascination, they fall under the category of what I would call stupid questions when it comes to you using your spiritual guidance.

Here’s why these sort of obsessions fall under the category of dumb inquiries:

  1. Your angels form your spiritual team. They help you live your life. They do not run other people’s business and never will. Give it up! Do not control try to control the world, it will only exhaust you. Your angels can give you brilliant advice about everything you are here to do, be and have in this lifetime. They can’t and probably won’t make comments, suggestions or give you directions about anybody else.
  2. Work your side of the street. Stick to doing what you are here to do, not what other people are here to accomplish. You can get all the support you need from the spiritual world when you walk in the direction of your own spiritual path. You will get zero support trying to do somebody else’s path, so don’t even go there.

If you have actual interest in the Super Bowl, stock market or Kentucky Derby, better questions that pertain to yourself might include:

  • Is it in my highest best interest to attend the next Super Bowl in person? This could be a relevant question. Maybe it is for the highest good that you go there in person – either to meet someone, experience the excitement or share the joy with a loved one.
  • Is it in my highest best interest to buy/sell (name of a stock) at this time? You could easily ask for guidance about what to do with your own money.
  • Is it in my highest best interest to get involved in the campaign of (name of person) at this time? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Maybe you have better things to do with your time.

My personal favorite examples of stupid questions include:

  • Can I eat a hot fudge sundae? Duh. Yes, you could, but would that actually be beneficial for all aspects of yourself other than your inner brat?
  • Can I lie down in the middle of the road? A good example of a totally idiotic question. When you ask “can I” questions, you usually get “yes.” Just because you could lie down in the middle of the road, jump off a bridge, tell your boss how much you disagree with him or skip school today doesn’t mean that would be beneficial for you or anybody else.

You can learn how to ask your angels really fabulous questions that make a huge difference in your life. Here’s a few suggestions about how to ask better questions:

  1. Always ask questions for your highest good, such as, “Is it in my highest best interests to go to work today?” You are part of the whole. What works for your highest good will also eventually bless all others. In addition, you are here to do you, to follow your own path, so when you ask for your own highest good you steer your life more closely in the direction of divinity.
  2. If you are starting out communicating with your angels, make things easy for yourself by asking yes or no questions. “Is it in my highest best interests to sell my house at this time?” Or “Is it in my highest best interests to hire (name of person)?” Later on you may be able to hear, see, feel or know more qualitative information. In the beginning, the simpler you make your questions the better direction you will receive.
  3. Make your questions as specific as possible and include a time frame. A vague question might be, “Is there somebody out there somewhere in the world who wants to date me?” A better question might be, “Is it in my highest best interests to attend the dance this Friday night?”

Your angels guide you every second of every day. You are not alone and never will be!

Make friends with your spiritual guides.

I love teaching people how to talk to your angels because then you will never feel lonely ever again!

You are divinely loved.