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Here’s what a few readers have had to say so far:

“Catherine Carrigan is one of the strong voices in the world for the HOLISTIC TREATMENT OF DEPRESSION. In her book, Banish the Blues NOW, Catherine gives the reader a plethora of information on how to recover from depression WITHOUT HAVING TO RESORT TO SOLELY USING PHARMACEUTICALS.  Her focus on treating THE BODY AND THE MIND AS EQUALLY IMPORTANT makes THIS BOOK A NECESSITY for many people who suffer from the debilitating effects of depression.”
“Once again, Catherine Carrigan has done it!  She has written an incredibly helpful book to help you not only Banish the Blues, but reclaim your health and your body.  The best part is, it’s an easy-to-understand, get-to-the-bottom-line book that allows you to take charge of your life.  Brava, Catherine!” Maxine Taylor, Author of Move Into The Magic
“When I first saw Banish the Blues NOW by Catherine Carrigan, I wrongly thought this book is not for me, I don’t suffer from depression!
Well, having read the book, I urge not only suffers of depression to read this book, it will be invaluable to family,friends and professional carers, anyone dealing with a depressed people.
Catherine has well researched this book, it is easy to follow.
She gives us a Holistic ways to treat depression. Showing not only the pharmaceutical way helps with recovery.
Catherine looks at the side effects of medications, how allergies, foods and imbalances in our bodies may contribute to
depression. Suggesting going to your health practitioners for test for a few different problems like thyroid imbalance and others.
It is a self help book and you have to work out what is best for you, Catherine gives insights into how to deal with managing yourself.
It’s not a quick fix,it goes hand in hand with conventional means, vitamins and mineral supplements take up to 3months before the benefits
show. I’m personally a great believer in Flower Essences.
Catherine is realistic, she suffered for a long time herself, she says there is no one magic pill, it’s working on differing aspects of oneself.
I’m passing this book on two friends who lives are at the present overwhelmed by this terrible illness. I think it could give them their lives back.” Philippa Shallcrass.