You may wonder, “Can organic products REALLY make my skin look better?”

The unequivocal answer is: YES!

For many years I have been a customer of Sally Bs Skin Yummies.

When I became co-host of the Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio, one of the first people I wanted to interview was Sally Larsen, owner, founder and formulator of Sally Bs Skin Yummies.

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Watch my interview with Sally Larsen in the video below:


For a list of toxic chemicals you need to be sure to avoid in your personal care products, please print out this FREE download.

To watch more videos about how organic skin care products can improve the look and health of your skin, please go to this link on my Youtube channel.

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

Why should we care about what we’re putting on our skin?

You started Sally B’s Skin Yummies in 2005, well ahead of the organic skincare becoming mainstream. What inspired you to take chemicals out of skincare products?

How has your business evolved since you launched in 2005?

How have you seen the health and wellness message spread through the mainstream public?

What are the differences between natural, non-toxic, and organic skincare?
How do you find products that are made with organic ingredients and free of potential toxins?
Are there any easy to spot red flags as to products to absolutely avoid?
What are some of the benefits your customers have seen from using Sally B’s Skin Yummies?
Can anyone use organic products?
How do you take good care of your skin naturally?
Is using organic skin care enough?

What is one healthy skin care tip people can start doing today?

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The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio with Co-Host Catherine Carrigan

The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio with Co-Host Catherine Carrigan