I can tell I haven’t been keeping up with my natural vision improvement exercises.

Just like any part of the body, you can exercise your eyes. I have taught natural vision improvement for many years, but just like any other form of exercise, you have to actually do it in order to derive any benefit. Knowing about exercise is not the same thing as practicing regularly!

I remember years ago when I went to visit my mentor in healing, Sue Maes, in London, Ontario, Canada.

I thought that while I was there, I should get Sue to work on my eyes.

Sue took one look at me and whipped out a deep spiritual tome – the kind of book I was prone to reading, in this case a book by my favorite author, Dr. David Hawkins, M.D..

She muscle tested me holding the book, and I tested weak.

Then she whipped out People magazine. No problem!

“You are making your brain work too hard,” I will never forget Sue as saying.

Now, here I am, working on writing my very own third book, wearing my $3 very cute cheater glasses from Michael’s craft store, and if I wear my cheater glasses too long or work too many hours on my writing, I get crushing headaches.

A few hours of writing and cheater glasses, no problem.

Many hours of writing and cheater glasses, a mild headache.

Lots of writing and cheater glasses, oh well  and oh dear.

Knowing all that I do, I take visual breaks. I take off my cheater glasses, stare off into the trees and think non-deep thoughts. I go off into my garden, stare at my flowers, admire my orchids and tend to the weeds.

Then I am back at it, crushing my brain away, trying to breathe and blink (the simplest natural vision improvement exercise is breathing and blinking) and  loving away at my third book, which I believe will be a great service to many.

In addition to staring off into the trees, breathing and blinking, I also palm my eyes.

Here’s how to palm:

Rub your hands together. Generate chi. Then place your hands over your eyes, shutting your eyes and allowing your eyes to relax.

When my eyes are tired, I know that my brain is tired!

My brother, Dr. Richard Schulze Jr., is an ophthalmologist and I have gotten to the point where I feel like actual spectacles will probably help my eyes when I write.

When you strain to see, you keep your entire nervous system in a state of fight or flight.

I want to relax as much as possible when I write, so I am muddling through, trying not to pressure myself too much and being very thankful that at age 55 my dear eyes have done such a great job of supporting me my whole entire life.

I am my own medical intuitive healer and in this case I know that when my eyes are tired, my whole brain is working a bit too much.

Thank you eyes.

Thank you brain!

Here comes another book, hopefully with your great help!

What is healing? Healing happens when we heed our body’s signals and take appropriate steps to keep ourselves relaxed and balanced on all the levels.