You may notice that in certain locations you find it easier or more difficult to access your intuitive guidance.

If you live in a large metropolitan area, such as London, Sydney, Beijing, Hong Kong, Toronto, New York, Tokyo or Paris, for example, you may have a harder time accessing your psychic gifts.

Why is this the case?

When large numbers of people are gathered together in a condensed location, the combined negativity of all their fears, thoughts, beliefs and worries creates a cloud of psychic interference. In such places you are simply more easily influenced by the mental-emotional energy of other people.

You yourself would have to be very clear in your own energy to maintain your divine connection living in such a situation, but there are things you can definitely do if this is the case.

Even living in Atlanta, Georgia, the combined negativity where I lived in the city proper was greater than in the suburbs.

If you muscle test, you can determine the level of combined negativity of your location.

  1. Clear your energy. Pass your hands over your head three times. I usually say, “I clear my energy in the name of God the father, Jesus the son and in the Holy Ghost.” If you grew up in another spiritual tradition, simply choose words that feel right for you. Set your intention to become totally clear of all negative interference.
  2. Ask for guidance. “What is the combined negativity of my current location?”

If I ask this same question in this moment, this is the answer I receive for these urban areas:

London: 40/100

Sydney: 36/100

Beijing: 50/100

Hong Kong: 51/100

Toronto: 38/100

New York: 43/100

Tokyo: 46/100

Paris: 48/100

On the other hand, you may notice that it is much easier to access your intuition when you find yourself in nature.

On a mountain top, you feel and experience a natural uplift. Haven’t you felt your spirit just soar when you climbed to the top of a mountain, overlooking the valley below and seeing for miles around you?

In a valley, you may notice it’s easier to go inside yourself into introspection.

At the beach, where the air is clear, and heavily ionized you may notice that your energy field, your aura, naturally expands.

Walking in the woods, where you are surrounded by trees and the sounds or birds and forest animals, you may find it much easier to access your own inner quietude.

Towns of smaller populations may have less negativity interference simply because of fewer people living together in a concentrated area.

If I ask for guidance about the level of negative interference of small towns, here is what I receive at the present moment:

Sedona, Arizona: 12/100

Isle of Gigha, Scotland: 12/100

Lyon, France: 17/100

Lhasa, Tibet: 11/100

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada: 14/100

If you have been living in a large city and finding it difficult to get in touch with your own inner guidance, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Get away in nature. Take a trip to the beach, hike up a mountain, walk in the woods. Get out of the city. If you are not able to get out, find your nearest city park and spend time walking there or even sitting on a bench among the trees.
  2. Clear your energy more frequently. If you recognize you live in an area of highly concentrated population, you will know that you need to clear your energy so that you are not affected by the thoughts and beliefs of other people.
  3. If you find yourself greatly disturbed by the psychic pressure of living in a large city, consider moving to a smaller town or even the countryside.
  4. Consider using a flower essence for psychic protection. My favorite natural healing remedies for this purpose is Soul Shield+ by Living Tree Orchid Essences or Bubble from the Indigo Essences.
  5. Cocoon yourself twice a day. You can find out how by reading my blog on this subject at this link.
  6. Meditate regularly to clear your mind. If you have a hard time meditating on your own, join a meditation group or visit a meditation center as you may find it easier to synchronize with the brain waves of other people in a clear state of mind.
  7. If your profession requires you to deal with people who are highly stressed, such as nurses, doctors, policemen, ambulance workers, customer service representatives or the like, recognize that you may need to take additional steps to clear your energy throughout the work day to maintain your clear psychic channel.
  8. Before you go to bed at night, set a glass of water beside your bed. Say a prayer and ask that all energies that come to you throughout the night be filtered through the water so that all you receive is peace, unconditional love and direct inspiration. In the morning, when you get up, do not drink the water. Throw it out.
  9. Set up a peaceful sanctuary in your own home. Create sacred space in whatever way feels most comfortable for you. You may include crystals such as amethyst, clear quartz, carnelian, kyanite and selenite, which clear energy. Include spiritual symbols, such as a cross or pictures of saints. Say a prayer and ask that this room be a place of inner guidance for you and all who enter. Ask for angels to guard the room and surround the room with the white light of protection.
  10. Smudge your home and office by burning sage to clear out negative interference. Depending on where you live and work, you may need to do this regularly. Say a prayer and ask for angels to surround your home and office with the white light of protection and unconditional love.

Remember, environment is the most powerful factor.

If you have trouble accessing your guidance, inquire within yourself and ask whether or not you are being negatively affected by your geographic location.