“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower…” Hans Christian Anderson

As everybody who has ever visited www.catherinecarrigan.com can attest, I am obsessed with flowers.

A long time ago I decided my definition of wealth was to have as many flowers as I want.

An obsession with orchids, dahlias, daffodils, black-eyed susans, double impatiens, azaleas, daylillies, sunflowers, roses and their countless blossoming friends can not be cured.

Anyone  who has ever attempted to raise a garden can attest from personal experience that once you start thinking like a gardener this thought process extends to all areas of your life. 

I remember back in college when I admired the work of Claude Monet who compulsively painted the waterlilies he grew, a friend dismissed his work with this insult: “He was a mere gardener.”

Just as I use my intuition professionally in my work as a medical intuitive, I also tune in to my garden to the best of my personal ability. 

Last year the smartest thing I did all year was not plant my summer garden. Hardly a drop of rain passed through Atlanta for months on scorching months.

I used the time to amend my soil, bringing in bags of Milorganite, cow manure and organic mushroom compost. 

I brought in so many bags of natural organic fertilizers and spent so much time working the soil I can’t even tell you how much money I spent on improving the dirt.

A funny thing happened.

The back garden – which hadn’t had the soil amended in many years – went totally crazy. 

My back garden, July 2020

My back garden, July 2020

Everything that had been in the dirt that had even thought about coming back reseeded itself. 

All of a sudden I have new foxgloves I never paid for, little tomatoes that seeded themselves, violas that volunteered and blackeyed susans that migrated on their own from the front side garden.

Dahlia tubers I planted three years ago decided now is a good time to come back stronger than ever.

Purple basil and mint that got started a couple of years ago in the front garden somehow miraculously migrated from the very front of the house to the back garden.

It was as if some of these plants had flown over the very roof of my house to get where the getting was good.

Meanwhile I have fussed over the front garden to the nth degree, amending the soil virtually every six months.

It’s as if all the Milorganite, cow manure and organic mushroom compost just dissolves and goes nowhere.

These days I inspect my front garden daily and have to hand water the double impatiens I bought at the garden center hoping and praying they would make it through the extreme heat of an Atlanta summer.

Double impatiens in my front garden that have been hand watered

Double impatiens in my front garden that have been hand watered

Practically anything will grow in the back garden without me watering or fussing. My main concern there is weeding as the soil there is so popular.

There are virtually no weeds in the front garden. It’s like the least popular restaurant where the staff waits hopefully for customers.

My front garden, July 2020

My front garden, July 2020

Last week I was discussing the tale of my two gardens with Katherine Graham, my brilliant Feng shui master friend, who came for a socially distanced lunch.

Feng shui is all about optimizing the energy in your environment so that you experience effortless success. I knew Katherine would understand so I explained to her what was going on.

Katherine explained that the front garden has to contend with a large magnolia tree. Magnolias, she explained, send out chemicals through the roots that keep other plants from growing nearby.

So I have to toil just to get anything to grow in my front garden, spending untold amounts of money on organic soil amendments and toting gallons of water to pour by hand over  the double impatiens striving to make it through Atlanta heat.

In my work as a medical intuitive healer, I am always striving to explain to my clients that it’s all about your environment.

Any gardener has to face this truth eventually.

It’s all about your environment.

Get the soil right, the water right and the sun right and virtually anything will grow.

When the soil, water or sun isn’t right you have to work really hard just to get anything to survive.

With human beings, your environment consists of four major factors:

  • What you put into your body – the food, the water, the natural healing remedies you use, the pharmaceutical drugs you do or do not take
  • The environment that surrounds your body – your home, your office, the air, the humidity 
  • The thoughts you think – your thoughts create your emotions 
  • The people you choose to associate with – you go into energetic resonance with the people you spend the most time with 

When you get your environment just right you thrive.

You experience radiant health without much of an effort.

You wake up, feel amazing and experience unlimited energy just by being you.

I wrote about this at length in my book Unlimited Energy Now.

Unlimited Energy Now by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook or audiobook

Unlimited Energy Now by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook or audiobook

When you don’t get your environment right you struggle with your health.

I just heard from a new client, “I went to a naturopath and he recommended 20 different supplements.”

Your house is a mess, your home is filled with mold and clutter, but you go from doctor to doctor searching for answers for your personal healing and not one of them asks about your environment. 

You take antidepressants but still feel depressed.

You take major anti-anxiety medication but still feel like you want to crawl out of your skin.

You may hire a therapist to talk through your issues but not once does your psychologist ask you about how you are feeding your body, what your home or office feels like or who you choose to hang out with.

Your environment is the most powerful factor in your total well being.

I remember years ago being at a conference of doctors and nutritionists about stress. The lecturer offered a hypothetical situation. A client is being beaten by her husband. Your choice is A to give her a bunch of drugs or supplements or B remove her from the abusive situation. Which do you think would be most effective?

You will know when your environment is right because being healthy is – for you – an effortless experience.

If you are struggling to be healthy, ask yourself:

  • Do I need to change what I am putting into my body?
  • Do I need to change my home or work situation?
  • Do I need to change the belief systems that create my thoughts?
  • Do I need to change the people I’m choosing to spend time with?

In my work as a medical intuitive healer, I look at the larger picture of the environment you are choosing to put yourself in and all that entails.

If you have been struggling to be healthy and spent a fortune going from doctor to doctor, healer to healer with no avail, you may be overlooking your environment and need to consider my tale of two gardens.

What is healing? Healing happens when you get the environment just right for you.

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Coronavirus Survival Resources 
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