As a medical intuitive healer and the author of two books about how to heal depression naturally without drugs, I am constantly working with clients who have not yet learned how to experience true joy in life.

Working through the root causes of anxiety and depression may take a lifetime of therapy and is incredibly valuable and life-saving work.

I write about how to resolve these root causes at length in my book Banish the Blues Now.

Banish the Blues Now by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook or audiobook

Banish the Blues Now by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook or audiobook

But while you are working to resolve these issues another question to ask yourself is, “How can I truly be happy?”

During my medical intuitive readings and healing work I often pinpoint just exactly what you need to feel more happy right now as happiness lifts your chi and empowers you to become a source of love and light to everyone around you.

Now more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic when levels of anxiety and depression have quadrupled this question is more relevant than ever.

There are 3 ways you can be happy in life:

  1. Physical pleasure
  2. Soul satisfaction 
  3. Life meaning

Physical Pleasure. You can find happiness in life through the vehicle of your body.

Exercise. I especially recommend yoga, which naturally raises your GABA (your calming neurotransmitter) and serotonin (your natural antidepressant) as well as high intensity interval training, which increases the size of the hippocampus in your brain. One-third of your brain is made up of blood vessels and all exercise improves the circulation in your brain. Walking in fresh air is a sure-fire way to lift your mood. Expressing yourself through dance can move emotions through your physical body.

Eating delicious foods. 

Physical intimacy.

Enjoying the comforts of your home, whether that be a down comforter, your sofa or a hammock on the porch. 

Wearing comfortable clothes that help you feel beautiful or handsome.

Snuggling with a loved one or your favorite pet.

Taking a hot bath or a warm shower.

Giving or receiving massage.

Stretching to release pain and discomfort. 

Taking an afternoon nap.

Physical pleasure is all about ways to feel good in your body, nurturing your human animal. 

If you have been struggling to feel happy, I encourage you to take out a journal and make a list of activities you are willing to do so that your body can feel good.

Make time every day to enjoy these simple pleasures.

Soul satisfaction. Because you are unique, what is satisfying to your soul will be unique to you. 

For one person that could be watching NFL football and drinking beer with buddies on a Sunday afternoon.

For another person that could be riding a bicycle up a steep mountain pass, enjoying the view from the top when he finally gets there.

For yet another person that could be painting watercolors al fresco.

What does your soul long to do? 

I write about soul longing in my 10th book, Reading the Soul. 

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan

Reading the Soul by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook and audiobook

Just as your body relies on good food, rest and exercise, your soul needs nurturing. These are activities you can do to feed your soul. While all of them may work for some people, certain activities may be more beneficial for your soul growth at any given point in time: 

  • Breathwork
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Rest
  • Unscheduled Time Alone to Process
  • Laughter
  • Dancing
  • Time in Nature
  • Time with Loved Ones
  • Hugs
  • Sunlight 
  • Overcoming challenges 
  • Fresh Air
  • Flowers
  • Companionship of a Pet
  • Volunteer Work
  • Writing
  • Channeling
  • Singing
  • Painting
  • Travel
  • Time Away from Home
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Companionship of Like-Minded People 
  • Storytelling
  • Spiritual Retreat
  • Spiritual Family
  • Spiritual Community
  • Letting Go of Clutter
  • New Environment
  • New Challenges
  • Forgiveness
  • Saying I’m Sorry and Meaning It
  • Giving Yourself Permission to Say No
  • Dropping Your Masks
  • Giving Yourself Permission to Be Your True Self 
  • Deep Inner Listening
  • Letting Go and Allowing God to Guide You 

Perhaps you can think of other ways your own soul needs to be fed. Listen within and allow yourself to be guided!

Life Meaning. The great thing about using life meaning as a vehicle to be happy is that when you contribute to the greater good you can feel joy even if you have a headache, the stock market just took a tumble or someone you love is suffering from illness.

You find life meaning when you look for ways outside yourself to contribute to the greater good.

This is about ALL thinking, not ME thinking.

Some of the most miserable clients I have ever worked with have been independently wealthy people who haven’t found a good reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Life meaning works for those struggling with suicidal thoughts because you recognize you are a meaningful, valuable and important part of the brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, I have found quiet joy in knowing that I have given my Amazon number 1 bestseller The Little Book of Breathwork to people in 17 different countries, helping people breathe when they get sick with the virus and teaching how to cut stress and anxiety levels during these times of enormous change.

The Little Book of Breathwork

The Little Book of Breathwork by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook and audiobook

A good friend worked for years at a local soup kitchen.

Yet another friend saves her pennies so she can go and volunteer to help save the Amazon rain forest.

I have recently applied to be a poll worker for the 2020 presidential election because I want to make sure my fellow citizens can exercise their right to vote without having to wait in line for 11 hours like some of my fellow Georgians did on the first day of early voting.

When you know you make a difference – even a small difference – you feel deep down your life has meaning and purpose.

What causes are dear to your heart?

In what ways, large or small, can you ease the burdens of people around you?

Because I know that life meaning is the most fool-proof way to be happy I am always inquiring within myself about this very question.

Searching for ways to be of service can become an outlook that may lead you to great personal rewards even if nobody else ever notices because you know in your own soul that you make a difference.

What is healing? Healing happens when you make choices every day that lead to great personal happiness.

To set up an appointment for a medical intuitive reading or healing work, please email catherine@catherinecarrigan or call 678-612-8816. If you are calling internationally, please call me at the same number through WhatsApp so I can return your call toll free!

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