In this interview, medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan talks with health psychologist Jim Sallis, Ph.D., about how exercise prevents coronavirus, helps you recover faster from COVID-19 and increases the effectiveness of vaccines by 30 to 100 percent.

I feel honored to share Jim Sallis’s important message for the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio that you definitely need to hear right now. You can read more about his wonderful work at this link.

So many people in natural healing are spreading the idea that you must spend hundreds of dollars every month on supplements to keep your immune system strong enough to avoid serious complications of COVID-19. The leading natural health newsletters that I read daily are constantly promoting individual supplements with links for you to buy them at their web stores.

Frankly, although I personally take vitamins and minerals and recommend them to my clients, I’m offended by this often self-serving, money-grabbing message.

At at time when people are desperate and afraid, I feel it’s critical we share scientific research about what you can do for FREE to help yourself and your family stay healthy. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve been writing blogs, creating videos and interviewing experts from all over the world to help you do that.

Globally, millions of people have lost their jobs during the pandemic and are unable to afford food or rent – much less any natural healing remedies.

A new Pew Research Center survey finds that, overall, one-in-four adults have had trouble paying their bills since the coronavirus outbreak started, a third have dipped into savings or retirement accounts to make ends meet, and about one-in-six have borrowed money from friends or family or gotten food from a food bank.

What if one of the most important things you could do to keep yourself healthy during this pandemic was absolutely FREE?

What if all you had to do every day was go for a walk?

Jim Sallis is a health psychologist and the Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego. He first got interested in the health benefits of moderate exercise for preventing coronavirus when he was asked to speak at a conference about the immune system and cancer.

Jim Sallis has been trying to spread the message about exercise and coronavirus but has found so many people unwilling to listen.

Although you think you’ve heard it all before – sure, exercise is good for you – how can making time to go for a walk, work in your garden, go for a bike ride or practice yoga literally save your life right now?

I’m happy to help share this critical, time-sensitive message and hope you will share this information with everybody you care about.

Many people are pinning their hopes on researchers discovering an effective vaccine for COVID-19.

Did you know that scientific research proves that moderate regular exercise increases the effectiveness of vaccines by anywhere from 30 to 100 percent?

Have you heard that health ministers in India are recommending breathing exercises and yoga for people recovering from COVID-19?

Public officials who listen to Jim Sallis would be wise to reconsider their bans on gyms, public parks and walking paths.

If we focus on keeping gyms clean, well-ventilated and participants socially distant, we can allow the dedicated exercise professionals help us all survive the pandemic.

Questions addressed in this interview include:

  • Although people are well acquainted with the many health benefits of being physically active, we have not heard much about physical activity benefits as they relate to the COVID-19 pandemic. Could you summarize what we know about the benefits of exercise for boosting our immune system, reducing inflammation and decreasing stress?
  • What does research reveal about how exercise is more effective than anti-depressant medications for healing and preventing depression and anxiety?
  • The great hope is that vaccines are the most likely path to a return to near-normal. Scientific research shows moderate exercise increases the effectiveness of vaccines by 30 to 100 percent. Can you explain?
  • What types and amounts of physical activity are most effective in creating these benefits for controlling infectious diseases?
  • How much moderate exercise do we really need to keep our immune system strong?
  • Why is moderate, regular exercise better for our immune system than marathon running?
  • How do the effects of exercise that affects every system in the body differ from pharmaceutical drugs?
  • It seems like the results you have described are from pre-pandemic studies. What do we know about specific effects related to COVID-19? Why have we not heard much about these physical activity benefits during the pandemic?
  • What could be done to take better advantage of physical activity’s benefits for infectious diseases?
  • What do you think are the impacts of stay-at-home orders and closures of gyms, parks, and trails?
  • How can people stay safe when they are walking outdoors?
  • How can people stay safe when they are exercising in a gym?
  • You are a health psychologist. How did you get interested in, and learn about, these topics about infectious diseases?
  • Why aren’t more health officials around the world talking about how exercise can increase the effectiveness of vaccines and keep us healthy so we don’t get COVID-19?
  • How can we use yoga and breathing exercises to recover from coronavirus should we or our loved ones get the disease?
  • How important is it to continue to exercise even when someone gets COVID-19?

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