The coronavirus pandemic has posed challenges to our health, our money, our relationships, our children and our jobs.

The combined total of all these stresses has caused many of us to go into survival mode.

How Can You Tell if You are Operating in Survival Mode?

When you are in survival mode you are either in:

  • Fight
  • Flight
  • Or freeze

When you are in fight mode, you may feel like you have to fight just to survive.

Inside yourself you feel a pugilistic attitude towards everyone and everything around you – your boss, the government, political parties you don’t agree with and even life itself.

When you are in flight mode, you may find yourself in endless escapes.

This could take the form of running away from life in your mind through various addictive patterns or simply feeling like you want to put your head under a pillow to get away from it all.

When you are in freeze mode, you may find yourself unable to function.

Life feels so overwhelming you are not sure which way to turn to move forward so you simply give up.

During my 27 full time years in natural healing, I have helped countless client A identify when they are in fight, flight or freeze and B get out of survival mode.

My first 10 years out of these 27 years were spent learning all about how to heal your brain. Now more than ever you need to access your full brain power to be able to cope with the multiple challenges we all face.

Here’s Why It’s So Important For You to Get Out of Survival Mode

When you are in fight, flight or freeze, you are operating out of your reptilian brain – the part of your brain that simply reacts based on old programming.

You bypass logic, reason and all your accumulated years of wisdom and experience.

When you operate out of your reptilian brain, you are not able to access the full power of your frontal lobes where you feel happy, think logically and make rational decisions.

How Your Brain Shuts Down

When information comes into your brain, it first enters your amygdalae.

You have two amygdalae on either side of your brain.

They are shaped like little footballs and are located inside your brain just above your ears.

I liken your amygdalae to the control tower at the airport.

When information comes in that makes you feel threatened, your amygdalae send these signals to the back of your brain where you go into fight, flight or freeze.

This is sometimes known as an amygdalae hijacking.

You might have thought of yourself as a rational creature but all of a sudden you shut down, freak out and can’t hardly think straight.

When you feel safe about the information you receive, your amygdalae send the signals to the frontal lobes of your brain where you can think logically.

You remain calm and can plan your way to move forward.

Which Emotions Cause You to Go Into Survival Mode?

These are the emotions that may cause your brain to go into an amygdala hijacking.

When I’m doing a medical intuitive reading, I may consult this or multiple other charts to read your emotions and empower you to understand why you are not operating at your full potential.

This chart has been copyrighted by Dr. Bruce and Joan Dewe and has been used for years by healers all over the world.


Amygdala Emotions Chart Copyright Dr. Bruce and Joan Dewe

Amygdala Emotions Chart Copyright Dr. Bruce and Joan Dewe


  • qualm
  • anxiety
  • concern
  • edginess
  • dread
  • fight
  • nervousness
  • wariness
  • terror
  • apprehension
  • panic


  • fury
  • wrath
  • hostility
  • outrage
  • animosity
  • annoyance
  • resentment
  • exasperation
  • irritability
  • hatred


  • contrition
  • remorse
  • guilt
  • embarrassment
  • regret
  • mortification
  • humiliation
  • chagrin


  • despair
  • dejection
  • loneliness
  • gloom
  • grief
  • self pity
  • depression
  • cheerlessness
  • melancholy
  • sorrow


  • agape
  • adoration
  • infatuation
  • devotion
  • eros
  • kindness
  • affinity
  • friendliness
  • trust
  • acceptance
  • phileo


  • joy
  • mania
  • ecstasy
  • whimsy
  • euphoria
  • sensual pleasure
  • pride
  • gratification
  • thrill
  • satisfaction
  • relief
  • amusement
  • bliss
  • rapture
  • happiness
  • delight
  • contentment


  • awe
  • dazed
  • wonder
  • amazement
  • dumbfounded
  • astonishment
  • startled
  • stunned
  • shock
  • stupefaction


  • disdain
  • contempt
  • abhorrence
  • revulsion
  • scorn

What’s Causing You to Shut Down Right Now?

As you read over this list you may recognize that you are feeling some or many of these emotions. Which ones predominate today?

Understanding which emotions are causing your amygdalae to hijack your rational processes is the first step to coming back to your grounded center.

As you can see when you read over this list, not all the emotions that shut us down are what we would refer to as negative feelings.

Sometimes you may be so giddy with love and excitement that you aren’t thinking straight!

What Helps You Get Out of Survival Mode?

Over the years I have created articles and videos that can help you get out of survival mode.

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Breathing exercises allow you to bypass your ego mind, stay out of your story and simply release the energy pent up inside you. I like to combine breathwork with hand mudras and affirmations to reduce anxiety and empower you to get back not only into your rational mind but a calm, blissful state. You can learn how to do this by reading The Little Book of Breathwork.
  2. Repattern your brain. When you are stressed, the non-dominant hemisphere is 75 to 85 percent shut down. You can learn how to repattern by reading the article and following the videos at this link.
  3. When you are very upset you may have switched over into a self destructive state of mind. You can learn how to clear self destruct by reading the article and following the video at this link.
  4. Begin your day with prayer and meditation. Not only will you begin your day calmly and happily, you will find yourself bypassing the usual stress and guided from within. You can listen to this Meditation for Global Healing at this link.
  5. If you know you have suffered traumatic stress, you can clear Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by following the directions at this blog and in this video.
  6. You may recognize that with all that has happened in your life, to your family and to our society, you may be in a state of shock. When you are in shock, you are stuck in the stress and even if you want to get out of it and know you need to get out of it, your nervous system won’t let you. Read this article and follow the directions in the video to get out of shock.

Give Yourself Permission to Restore Your Ability to Think Clearly

As you can see, there may be multiple factors preventing you from moving forward:

  • Unprocessed emotions
  • Using only half of your brain
  • Self destructive patterns
  • Lack of a daily meditation practice
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Shock

With so much happening in the world right now, so much loss and so much change in our health, money, personal lives, work and children, it can take time to process through these many layers.

As a medical intuitive healer, I can empower you to identify what has shut you down and clear the blocks to you accessing your full potential. We can do a medical intuitive reading so you can understand what’s going on and work together over time to clear the issues.

It may take time to get yourself back on track. Step by step, you can give yourself permission to move forward into the light of your true potential.

What is healing? Healing happens when you get out of survival mode.

To set up an appointment for a medical intuitive reading or healing work, email or call 678-612-8816. If you are outside the U.S., please call via WhatsApp. I can work with you from anywhere in the world by phone, Skype or Zoom video conference.

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